18 reasons why being married is AWESOME

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Sure – weddings are amazing…but the reason we do it is because being married is awesome!

being married is awesome couple on a bench with balloons

But being married? Ah, that’s where the fun really begins. Why do you thing people all over the world are fighting so hard for marriage equality? It’s because marriage is one of the greatest journeys you’ll go on in your entire life.

Yes, sometimes it will be hard. You’ll get sick of washing his underwear. He might begin to detest the way you chew. Sometimes you’ll just want to scream in each other’s faces. But when the anger and frustration have come and gone, the pay-off is pretty immense.

Here are our top 18 reasons why being married is awesome.

1. When you’re sick there’s someone to look after you. In sickness and in health, remember?

2. You can be as weird as you like and your partner won’t mind.

being married is awesome let's be weird together
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3. You have someone to have sex with forever! Yay!

4. You have a date for everything.

5. You have someone to catch spiders/open jars/lift heavy things/do all the jobs you don’t want to do.

6. You get to spend every day with your best friend. AND have a the most fun sleep over party every night.

7. You don’t have to go to bed alone. And there’s someone to snuggle you.

surrender to cuddles cat

8. You don’t have to make difficult decisions alone.

9. You no longer have to make awkward small talk to try and get away from men chatting you up in bars. One flash of your wedding ring: with a ‘sorry, I’m married’  will act as a forcefield.

10. You have someone to blame when things go missing. “Where did you put my…. Never mind.”

11. You don’t have to dress up all the time. Sweatpants are ay-ok from every now and again.

Via Dailymail.co.uk
Via Dailymail.co.uk

12. You have a second opinion on everything.

13. Being able to call someone your husband/wife is pretty cool.

14. You have someone to share all the special moments with.

15. You have someone who will try and make you laugh even if you don’t feel like you can.

16.  You have someone who actually believes in you and wants to motivate you.

17. You don’t have to be embarrassed about farting. Or burpring, or shaving your legs etc etc

18. It ain’t too shabby being with someone who thinks you’re the most attractive person in the world, and the one they want to spend their entire lives with.

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