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10 Brilliant Wedding Day Fails Caught on Camera

Caught on camera! Hilarious wedding day fails that you really don’t want to see happen on your big day…

You may have planned every little detail of your wedding to perfection but things can still go wrong on your wedding day as these candid camera shots prove!

Here are the 10 big wedding days fails you definitely don’t want happening at your wedding:

Misbehaving animals

You know what they say about never working with animals.

Wedding day fails animals
Image: Youtube
wedding day fails animals
Image: Outterinner.com
Wedding day fails - misbehaving animals
Image: Lifedaily.com
wedding day fails animals
Image: Teamjimmyjoe.com

Veil free-riders

What is it about wedding veils that our pets simply cant resist catching a ride on them?

wedding day fails - veil free-riders
Image: Pinterest
Wedding day fails - misbehaving animals
Image: The weddingspecialist.net

Wedding photo bombers

There’s always one…

Wedding day fail photobomb
Image: Huffingtonpost.com
Wedding day fail photobomb
Image: Lefunny.net
Wedding day fail photobomb
Image: Imgur.com

Unpredictable weather

The weather forecast said sunny and 26 degrees but sure this is Ireland, so expect rain!

Wedding day fails bad weather
David Stubbs Photography

or gale force winds…

wedding day fails bad weather
Image: Bridebox.com

or even snow…

weddding day fails snow
Image: Wedding-venues.co.uk

Wardrobe malfunction

Disaster can strike anyone at any time!

Wedding day fails wardrobe malfucntion
Image: Partiesbyme.com
Wedding day fails - wardrobe problems
Image: Buzzfeed.com

Collapsing wedding cakes

The cutting of the cake is a precarious moment.

wedding day fails - cake
wedding day fails cake
Image: Mobilefotoparty.com

Transport trouble

That moment when you wish you had brought your own car

Wedding day fails car

Exploding Champagne bottles

People, these things are dangerous!

Wedding day fails champagne
Image: Lolzbook.com

Collapsing jettys

If you see a bridge or a jetty over water, we strongly advise you not to get your picture taken on it!

wedding day fails jetty
Image: Livebuzz.com
wedding day fails jetty
Image: Telegraph.co.uk

Bad taste

When you hate your wedding ring so much you simply can’t pull off a poker face.

wedding day fails ring
Image: Webneel.com

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