10 of the Coolest Couples Halloween Costumes Ever

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Halloween bride and groom

Asda Green Room

The best thing about having a significant other at this time of year is the fact that you have someone to dress up in couples Halloween costumes with you…

couples halloween costumes

Couples Halloween costumes make such an impact. They’re double the fun, it looks like you’ve made twice the effort and you have someone to hide behind if everyone else thinks you just look plain stupid and not at all as hilarious as you had hoped.

But coming up with an original concept that’s not impossible to make is the difficult part. The idea needs to be creative, not too obvious, but clear enough so that people actually get it. Make sure you know your audience – there would be nothing worse than spending hours perfecting your Walt and Jesse costumes to attend a party of guests where no one had seen a single episode of Breaking Bad in their entire lives.

So to get the cogs turning and inspire your Halloween ideas, we’ve picked our top ten his and hers couples Halloween costumes for 2014.

1. William and Kate

couples halloween costumes willam and kate

2. Google Maps

couples halloween costumes google maps

3. Boobies

couples halloween costumes boobs

4. Beer Pong

couples halloween costumes beer pong
Via Instagram

5. A monster under the bed

couples halloween costumes monster under the bed
Via Instagram

6. Oscar the Grouch and the Cookie Monster

grouch and cookie monster halloween costumes

7. Barbie and Ken

couples halloween costumes barbie and ken

8.  Chuck and Wilson from Castaway

couples halloween costumes 2

9.  Lego couple

couples halloween costumes lego men

10. A cat and a litter tray….

cat and litter box costume
Chankabianca on Instagram

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