10 stupid things every bride worries about
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10 stupid things every bride worries about

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It’s natural to have a few little freak-outs on the biggest day of your life, but don’t panic; here’s a list of things every bride worries about..

things every bride worries about

Even if you’re the most laid-back lady on the planet, the stress of planning a wedding can turn you into a red-blooded raging Bridezilla who will have a 2007 Britney style breakdown if there’s one more change to the table plan.

But what you need to know is that all of this worrying and stressing is futile. Don’t freak out when we say this, but – no matter how forensically you plan every detail, there’s still the chance that something unexpected can happen and cause a bit of trouble.

To help ease the nerves just a little, we’ve comprised a list of the top ten stupid things that every bride worries about, outlining just how stupid these concerns are.

And if that doesn’t work, try wine. Wine fixes everything.

1. Tripping down the aisle

You know how to walk. You’ve been doing it for the vast majority of your life. It’s one foot in front of the other. It’s pretty simple. Furthermore, unless you’re exchanging vows at the end of an obstacle course, the aisle is a straight line and you have to walk slowly. You’re probably not going to fall. And on the off-chance you do – make sure someone films it so it can go on YouTube.

2. Forgetting your partner’s name

You are not Ross from Friends.

3. Someone objecting at the ‘lawful impediment’ bit

Your wedding is not an episode of Eastenders.

bianca from eastenders things every bride worries about

4. Going to the bathroom

This is probably the only legitimate concern on the list, but it’s not worth worrying about. If you’re wearing a rather large wedding dress that will be impossible to take a trip to the bathroom in, enlist a bridesmaid or two to do some lifting and hoisting.

5. Relatives getting hideously drunk

Just give up hope on this one, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. No offense, but the main reason guests are attending your wedding is to have a party, and there’s no party without a bunch of booze. But this isn’t a cause for concern. As with number one on the list, just make sure someone is filming the whole thing so you can make a fool of them on YouTube.

6. You getting hideously drunk

It’s your day. You can do whatever the heck you like. And if that includes necking champagne and passing out on the dance floor then so be it.

7. The weather

Don’t be an idiot. You live in Ireland. It’s going to rain.

8. Someone stealing your thunder

Unless you have some serious sociopaths on the guest list, then don’t worry about this. No real friend or loving family member would dare try to upstage you on your wedding day. And if some good-for-nothing low life does turn up in a white dress or announce their engagement at your reception, just attack them. That’s a joke. Don’t really do that.

9. Everyone thinking you look terrible

If you come from a traditional Irish family where everyone likes to ‘speak their mind’, then there is no way on this earth that your mum and your bridal party will let you leave the house without looking flawless.

10. Being stood up

Unless you’ve really let those Bridezilla urges take over, then your groom won’t stand you up. (If he knows what’s good for him)


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