20 things that WILL happen on your hen do
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20 things that WILL happen on your hen do

Every hen party is different, and believe us we’ve seen them all! So here’s a round up of guaranteed things that WILL happen on your hen do.

1. No matter what time of day it is, it is cocktail time

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2. You will wear a sash, veils, balloons L plates and possible a feather boa too

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3. Someone will ugly cry

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4. And somebody else will be in bed by 7pm

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5. There will be penis’

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6. Inappropriate images will definitely be uploaded to Instagram

Millie Mackinstosh hen do
Millie Mackinstosh Instagram

7. That your mum, boss and granny’s cousin will see.

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8. Impromptu pole dancing will make an appearance

pole dancing fall

9. There will be tantrums and probably not from the Hen

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10. You will declare your love for every single friend at least twice

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11. And then ring your fiancé at 3am to tearfully make sure he knows you love him too

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12. Terrible games will be played

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13. Including the dreaded never have I ever

never have i ever meme

14. You will dance until no one is left wearing shoes

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15. In fact, until nobody is left standing

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16. Late night intense carb eating is unavoidable

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17. Having a Spice Girls sing-a-long complete with dance moves is the best idea ever!

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18. 3 Iphones, 2 I.D’s and 6 lipsticks will disappear into the black hole that is hen party

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19. You will wince when you check your bank account the next morning

 I'm poor gif
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20. If you can even get out of bed to look at it, that is.

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howl at the moon


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