12 Emotions Every Bridesmaid Goes Through

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JLM Couture

Wearing a pretty dress and posing for pictures sounds like fun, right? Almost. Here’s a round-up of all the emotions every bridesmaid goes through.

Well there’s a lot more to being a bridesmaid than you might have first anticipated. Here, we present the 12 core experience that every soon-to-be bridesmaid will inevitably go through. Good luck ladies. May the pink sashes and ‘L’ plates be ever in your favour…

1. The waiting game

She’s been engaged for two weeks already and hasn’t asked me to be her maid of honour yet? Has she forgotten we’ve been friends since we were three?!

2. The acceptance

I’m going to be bridesmaid! I’m going to be bridesmaid! I’m going to be bridesmaid!


 3. The realisation

Hold on – this is going to be more than just looking pretty and wearing a nice dress? I actually have to DO stuff?! Oh no.

4. The panic

All we’re doing is getting drunk and wearing stupid outfits – why is this hen party so difficult to organise?!!!

5. The dress

Ok that’s not exactly what I had in mind.

6. The tongue biting

You suddenly become an expert at the ‘smiling on the outside, fury on the inside’ expression.

7. The true colours emerge

You will see a side to your best friend that you haven’t even had a glimpse of in 15 years of friendship.

8. The explosion

You will scream in each other’s faces at least once. And spend at least one week huffing and passive aggressively ignoring each other.

9. The penis

But then you’ll make up. And during the hen party, you will hold, wear or consume something which resembles male genitalia. It’s a rite of passage.

10. The ‘oh crap’ moment

On the wedding day, whether it’s carrying the train or holding the flowers, you will inevitably forget something and pray to God that no one notices.

11. The toilet situation

You will have to help your best friend pee at some point.

12. The happy crying

After a rollercoaster of experiences that brought you closer together and further apart at the same time, you’ll be overcome with intense happiness for your best friend that will make your heart feel like it might burst with joy.

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