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15 reasons why you should have an Easter wedding

Chocolate, sunshine, endless flowers… what’s not to love about an Easter wedding?

Easter Wedding Inspiration

The warmer months are well-known for being the most popular time of the year for engaged couples to tie the knot, and kicking it off is the much-loved Easter bank holiday weekend. We love the idea of an Easter wedding in the throes of spring, and here’s why you should seriously consider this time of year for your big day.

1. You can have bunnies, chicks, and other ‘pet farm’ appropriate animals without everyone thinking you’ve lost the plot (we promise).

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Ruffled Blog

2. It’s the prime time to don a wedding dress in a less than traditional hue… Mint, lemon, blush and blue wedding dresses were made for Easter.

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Monique Lhuillier 2015 Collection

3. Your wedding can literally consist of chocolate, chocolate, and… more chocolate.

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Urban Village Chocolates via Yumbles.com; Ultimate Wedding Cakes; SheWearsManyHats.com; SweetTreeByRiveira.co.uk

4. Eggs make awesome table decor, wedding favours and DIY embellishments.

Easter Wedding Inspiration

5. Easter-time means the arrival of spring- which means warm, fresh weather and longer nights!

Easter Wedding Inspiration

6. It’s a long weekend, so FOUR DAYS of bank holidays to celebrate your nuptials (and recover from the impending hangover).

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Braedon Photography

7. Your colour scheme can be as colourful, youthful and vibrant as possible.

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Ryon Lockhart

8. Easter-themed table gifts and wedding favours can be so darn cute!

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Oh Sweet Day; Martha Stewart; MM Cookies Limerick; ProjectWedding.com

9. Brunch weddings were MADE for Easter-time.

Easter Wedding Inspiration
One Love Photography via GeenWeddingShoes.com

10. Your bridesmaids would look stunning in pastel shades…

Easter Wedding Inspiration

11. Because nothing compares to Easter-inspired wedding cake. NOTHING.

Easter Wedding Inspiration
TheWholeSomePursuit.com; DeliciouslyYum.com; Tiering Up Cakes; Lucy’s Sugar Shack; Sugar Ruffles

12. Springtime flowers are at their very best- freshness, colour, everything!

Easter Wedding Inspiration

13. Kids can be easily entertained with themed crafts…

Easter Wedding Inspiration
The Contemporary Home

14. … and cost-friendly, easy to source food.

Easter Wedding Inspiration

15. Finally, did we mention the unbelievable cuteness that can be your wedding photos?

Easter Wedding Inspiration
Kristina Curtis Photography

If bunnies can’t convince you to have an Easter wedding, we don’t know what will.

Featured Image- Arina B Photography
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