15 Things you Should NEVER say to your Bridesmaids
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Things not to say to your bridesmaid

15 Things you Should NEVER say to your Bridesmaids

Things not to say to your bridesmaid unless you want to walk up that aisle alone!

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Diplomacy, tact and discretion are required from a bride-to-be at all times. You need to be a queen of diplomacy and as such, you should never, ever say any of the below to your bridesmaid.

[insert best friend’s name] will be on holiday, so will you be my bridesmaid?

No one wants to be second pick. Your bridesmaid should feel honoured to be chosen as your right hand lady, not left thinking she is second best. Even if she wasn’t your first choice, you don’t need to tell her!


You will loose weight won’t you?

Seriously? That comment would just deserve a slap.


Just don’t get pregnant before the wedding

Another slap.


I’ve picked your dress, you just need to pay for it

If you want your bridesmaid to wear a particular style of dress then expect to pay for it.


How are you at doing your own make-up?

No one can be expected to pose for hundreds of wedding pictures and not have their make-up done professionally – that’s just asking too much!


I’ve chosen the hairstyles – you’ll need to grow yours

You really can’t dictate to your bridesmaid how long her hair needs to be. Learn to love her the way she is.


I’ve organised a Filler & Botox party!

Even if you are doing this as a ‘treat’ for your bridesmaid think about how it will come across. Translation – you need to get rid of those lines and wrinkles.


Make sure you don’t turn your phone off

She’s your bridesmaid, not your personal assistant, 24-hour wedding planner or therapist – she will need a break from listening to your wedding woes every now and then.


Do you suit fuschia?

Be kind with your bridesmaid dress colour choice. No one, and we repeat no one, suits bright pink, it does nothing for the complexion.


I want you to look good, just not too good

Stop worrying about your bridesmaid stealing your thunder. It’s not cool. You’re the bride, we promise all eyes will be on you.


I was thinking of New York for my hen party!

Of course your girls will want to throw you a hen party but to don’t expect too much – not everyone has lots of spare cash or time!


I need you to be free for the next six Saturdays to help me find my dress

Again, your bridesmaid will have a normal life that we’re pretty sure she’d like to get on with. Arrange one or two shopping dates for sure but always ask her in advance if they suit her schedule.


I’m not sure you’re taking this seriously

This is a wedding not an exam. Don’t expect your bridesmaid to spend every spare minute researching flowers, cakes and caterers. She is allowed to have fun, sometimes.


Can you come into the toilet with me?

Mmm. This is a tricky one – if you have a huge ballgown wedding dress then going to the loo isn’t going to be easy. You could probably do with an extra pair of hands to hold up all that taffeta,  but do you really want to pee in front of your sister-in-law?


This is MY Day!

Well actually it’s not. You asked this person to be your bridesmaid and in doing so you invited her to share in your big day, along with the hundreds of other wedding guests you’ve invited, so get over yourself!



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