16 signs he'll make a great husband

16 Signs he’ll make a great husband

He’s a brilliant boyfriend, but will your beau make a good husband? Here are 16 signs that your man of the moment is a real keeper…

You’ve been seeing him for a while now and that first kiss has grown into something much, much more. You find yourself day dreaming about exotic honeymoon destinations and pausing to stare into wedding dress shop windows. Clearly you’re in love and totally ready to say ‘I do’, but is your 5-star boyfriend going to make good husband material?

Here’s 16 signs that your current flame could well turn out to be your lifelong soul mate

  1. He makes you laugh

Laughter makes everything that’s wrong in the world seem right. If your man makes your stomach hurt on a daily basis because you’re laughing so much, propose immediately.

2. He’s great in bed (like really great)

If you get married you’re going to be sleeping with this man (and only this man) for a very long time, so you’ll want to be sure from the very beginning that he can deliver results the bedroom. If he’s not pushing all the right buttons then move on sister.

3. and he doesn’t hog all the covers!

Call us greedy but we want our orgasms and our bed sheets! A man that’s too selfish to share the bed covers isn’t a man worth keeping.

4. He does his own washing (and ironing!)

What sort of man can’t handle his own washing? A good husband needs to know his way around a washing machine and an iron.

5. He knows how to mix your favourite cocktail

The best bar man is the kind that does room service. Shaken or stirred, it’s only going to work out if he can magic up the perfect Martini (or Cosmopolitan, or Margarita…).

6. He smells soooo good

Whether he’s wearing Calvin Klien aftershave or he’s au naturel, if you find yourself making up excuses just so you can get within sniffing distance of him then he’s a keeper!

7. His mammy taught him a thing or two about cooking

You know what they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  If he captivated you with his casseroles and swooned you with his stroganoff then this is your man.

8. He doesn’t mind your hairy bits

It’s exhausting trying to be immaculately groomed all the time. A perfect husband will understand this and resist the urge to complain should the, ahem, bush get a little over grown.

9 …and is always complementing your good bits

‘Oh what beautiful eyes you have my dear’. Yes we aren’t afraid to admit that we love a complement, in face we could listen to them all day. The perfect husband will remind you that you are beautiful inside and out.

10. He’s full of surprises

Present on your birthday or Christmas are lovely, but an out-of-the-blue present is the best. Spontaneous gifting is a sign that he’s thinking about you and wants to spoil you. It shows he’s got a generous character and that is a very endearing quality in a man.

11. He always remembers your birthday (and first date anniversary)

If he remembers those important dates like your birthday, first kiss anniversary, first date anniversary etc without you having to leave countless Post It Notes around the house, then he is one special guy.

12, He loves your best friend as much as you do

Nothing comes between you and your bestie, so when your boyfriend said she was pretty cool you jumped with joy inside!

13. Your best friend loves him too

Getting your best friends seal of approval is pretty tricky  – she’s got your back and her standards are sky high, so when she said he seemed like a nice guy you knew you were onto a winner.

14. Heck, even your parents like him!

…and that NEVER happens.

15. You’ve talked about getting a dog together

OMG, he wants to get a dog with you! That’s a serious commitment and shows that a) he’s ready to settle down b) he trusts you with a living thing so must think you’re pretty dependable c) he’s got a soft and cuddly side – awwww.

16. You share the same #lifegoals

This is a biggie – not matter how much you love him now, you need to be heading in the same direction when it comes to your life goals if it’s going to work out long term.

If he shares the same views on kids, work and marriage etc…then heck, get down on one knee and make him yours!

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