20 Irrational Thoughts Brides Have on their Wedding Morning

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Because womens’ minds can be a bit all over the place at the best of times, and no more so than their wedding morning…

1. WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE. Is that rain?! That better not be rain… IT BETTER NOT RAIN.

(FYI: The panic surrounding this thought multiplies by 10000% when planning a wedding in Ireland)

2. What if this dress doesn’t fit… I can’t have gotten bigger overnight, can I?

3. I don’t think I can eat. I won’t pass out if I don’t eat, will I?

(FYI: You will pass out)

4. Where’s the champagne? Can we open that yet?

5. What if the flowers/dresses/hair don’t arrive on time? The day will be A DISASTER.

6. If *insert grooms name* is late I’m going to murder him.

7. Please don’t mess up my hair, please don’t mess up my hair.

8. There better not be anyone dressed in white.

9. Is it time yet?

10. Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip.

11. Maybe heels were a mistake…

12. Is it time yet?

13. WHERE am I going to put my phone?! Oh wait, that’s what I enlisted bridesmaids for.

(FYI: The one day a year where your BFFs pretty much have to do anything you say. WINNING!)

14. Wait, what if I’M late?!

15. Is it time yet?

16. Sitting down in a tiny car is going to be hard… Maybe this is why people have horse-drawn carriages.

17. Okay, I look pretty damn good.

18. Is it time yet?

19. I hope Dad has kept his speech embarrassment-free.


(FYI: Panics, fears and nerves aside- it’s your big day and nothing should get in the way of that once in a lifetime feeling)

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