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9 BIG wedding reception trends

We asked a selection of Ireland’s leading wedding planners to reveal the hottest wedding reception trends for the months ahead. Here’s what they said…

Unstructured Flowers

In flowers, the organic feeling is going to continue on everything. Brides will be carrying big loose bridal bouquets containing lots of foliage and variations of flowers and textures. You will see floral crowns and headpieces and draped garlands of greenery everywhere!  Annie Byrne, Aislinn Events

2016 wedding trends ireland (1)
Vintage bouquet by Bella Botanicals. Picture by Paula O’Hara

Brass/ Metallic

Warm, dark, matte metallic such as copper, brass and bronze are definite trends for 2016. We aren’t suggesting you go all King Midas on us, simple highlights throughout your styling will have stunning results. Your stationery, head pieces, cake, centrepieces or bridesmaids are all wonderful areas you can add touches of this trend too.  Laura McClure, Betty Williamson Wedding & Events

2016 wedding trends ireland (2)
Shimmering metallic touches. Image by Sharon Kee Photography
2016 wedding trends ireland (3)
Shimmering metallic touches. Image by Sharon Kee Photography

Long Tables

The look of the room will be romantic and intimate so out with the big round banqueting tables and in with long guest dining tables. Long tables were made for being sociable and will be topped with clusters of flowers, foliage and floral runners with lots and lots of candles.  Annie Byrne, Aislinn Events

Long tables are best f:for social weddings. Image

Cake Displays

Brides will be forgetting about having just one cake and embracing a wedding cake display! Think mini cakes, macaroons, meringue, cheesecakes, your wedding cake all beautifully displayed on plates of differing heights surrounded by flowers and candles. Your guests will not be able to wait to dessert time. Laura McClure, Betty Williamson Wedding & Events

wedding trends dessert table

The Demise of DIY

I think DIY is definitely wearing thin as people realise that they can get someone to do it for them for half the price they would spend on all the materials they would need! Couples are going luxury again, so I also predict black tie weddings will start popping up again. Rosie Meleady,


Outside In

We can’t guarantee the weather in this country, so 2016 sees the outside coming in. Runners of greenery on your tables and garlands draped from the beams. Potted cherry blossom trees and hanging baskets as table centres. Laura McClure, Betty Williamson Wedding & Events

2016 wedding trends ireland (7)
Bring the outside in with flowers and foliage. Images by Grace Photography

Fluidity Rules

Naked cakes, mismatched bridesmaids dress in the same colour palette, festival and woodland themes are all strong trends and styles that we will help couples to create a stunning wedding! To sum it up I would say that the styling trend for 2017 will be more fluid, unstructured and lose.  Michelle Johnstone, Waterlilly Weddings

Colour Clashing

2016 and will see the graduation of pastel colour palettes to pastels combined with bolder hues. Pops of bolder colours throughout flowers and stationery will add a little bit extra to your styling and set you apart from weddings in previous years. Betty Williamson Wedding & Events

2016 wedding trends ireland (5)
The bright pinks pop in this bridal bouquet. Image by Grace Photography
2016 wedding trends ireland (6)
Mix and match maids. Image from

Big Weddings

Wedding bridal parties are growing in size to with four to five bridesmaids and groomsmen being the norm as opposed to one or two. Wedding sizes are back to what they were 10 years ago to over 120 wedding guests being the norm. Rosie Meleady,


Feature image: Grace Photography 

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