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8 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

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winter wedding scene

Chris Semple Photography

More couples are choosing to have a winter wedding and why not? Think open fires, spiced cocktails and lots of candles…

And to be honest, we’re not at all surprised. Winter is arguably the BEST time of year to get married – especially in Ireland where the landscape looks absolutely magnificent under a blanket of snowfall.

But if you need a little more convincing, prepare to be swayed towards the romantic notion of a wonderful Yuletide wedding celebration, as we bring you eight reasons why you should definitely have a winter wedding.

winter wedding reception
Adare Manor

1. You’re more likely to get your dream wedding venue

Off season (ie. not in the summer months) is the best season to get married, in terms of practicality. All Irish wedding venues will have more availability, so the chances of you bagging your dream wedding venue on your dream wedding date are greatly improved.

2. Wedding venues are cheaper in winter

The majority of Irish wedding venues will have some form of special winter wedding package with reduced rates. And because they’re specifically winter wedding oriented, they’ll usually include some seasonal features – like a mulled wine reception by a cosy open fire. Bliss!

winter wedding venue
Ballinacurra House

3. They’re romantic

Winter is just generally a more romantic time of year – maybe it’s the twinkling fairy lights, the Christmas cheer in the air or maybe it’s the cold weather that makes us cuddle up close together.  Either way, you’re guaranteed that beautiful fairytale charm.

4. Better attendance

Wedding guests will generally be more flexible round the holiday season when they are likely to have already booked time off work.

winter wedding adare manor
Adare Manor

5. Weather predictability

If you plan a summer wedding, you are always desperately wishing for good weather – but then aftera while, you’ll crash back down to earth and realise that you actually live in Ireland and the chance of sun even in the height of July is basically slim to none. In winter, although its 110% certain that there will be no heat, or sun – at least you have predictability and won’t get caught out.

6. It’s easier to set a theme

Winter is basically a wedding theme in itself. Take advantage of the natural atmosphere, using a rich palette of red and gold colours, with candles and fairylights to decorate and hearty comfort food to feast on.

winter wedding the k club
The K Club

7. The wedding photos will look incredible

As mentioned above, Ireland thrives in winter (but then again, it would need to – it’s the only season we have all year) And there are loads of wedding venues that specialise in winter weddings, because their exceptional settings look beautiful in the dark evenings, after the snow has fallen.

8. Winter wedding dresses are amazing

Getting married when it’s colder means you have the chance to wear a wedding dress with elegant sleeves, an exquisite high neckline or dense embellishment – without the fear that you’ll overheat and collapse. To look for your winter wedding dress, visit our wedding dress finder gallery.


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