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Bridesmaid jumps into a lake for an unusual reason

A kind-hearted bridesmaid jumped into a lake on her friend’s wedding day to do a good deed

Bride and groom Hannah West and Mark Jefferies were posing for their wedding photos with their bridal party when suddenly their bridesmaid Faye West went running on a nearby lake.

The kind-hearted maid had spotted a baby bird in need of saving. A gosling had been whisked away from it’s mum by a large swan that was attempting to drown the baby goose. Faye ran into the lake, scared the swan away and saved the little guy.

bridesmaid 2
Rosie Hardy, Facebook

The wedding photographer Rosie Hardy captured the dramatic rescue mission and shared the images on social media with the caption:

Shot my first wedding wedding of the spring yesterday with Adam Bird supporting, knew it was gonna be difficult with everything going on. Didn’t, however, expect a bridesmaid to jump into the lake mid-formals to save a baby gosling being stolen from it’s parents and drowned by a big black nasty swan! Faith in humanity: restored. What a hero!”

The post attached lots of attention with people congratulating the bridesmaid, to which Faye replied:

Thank you so much Rosie Hardy, I’m so pleased you managed to capture this. I don’t think I will ever live this down.”

Featured image credit: Rosie Hardy, Facebook

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