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A couple in their 80s have married after 44 years of dating

An 84-year-old groom and his 82-year-old sweetheart tied the knot after 44 years of dating

There wasn’t a dry eye in the chapel when lovebirds Colin Dunn and Sally Smith said their vows at the weekend in front of family and friends in St. Mary’s Church, Middleton.

The Leeds couple who are in their eighties were dating for 44 years before a series of family tragedies got them thinking about how much they meant to each other and they decided to finally get married.

elderly couple marry
SWNS, Metro.co.uk

Colin and Sally first met in 1972 in a social club where Sally was the bartender. Colin plucked up the courage to ask her out and they have been together since. Sally has four children from a previous marriage, Colin told the Metro:

Marriage never entered my head at that point. We were always so busy looking after the children.

All of a sudden the children were growing up and leaving home and it was just me and Sally, so we thought it was finally time to become man and wife.


We kept on saying, ‘it’ll be next year, it’ll be next year’ – but we were happy as we were.”

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SWNS, Metro.co.uk

Sadly two of Colin’s brother passed away, he said:

We were going through a bit of trouble and we started thinking what if this happened to one of us? We decided we wanted to be man and wife.”

According to Colin the secret to a happy relationship is…

If you work at a relationship you can keep it going. She’s always looked after me and I’ve always looked after her. It’s the little things – if she falls asleep, I wake her up when it’s time to go to bed. I make her meals and make her tea. We’ve had little fall-outs over the years, just like everyone, but we have the same views and we always agree on everything.”

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SWNS, Metro.co.uk

Featured image credit: SWNS, Metro.co.uk

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