Covid-19 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Suppliers


In such a time of uncertainty the best thing we can do is to accept the things we cannot change, but prepare ourselves with all the information we can to make decisions on what we can change.

We launched a poll on social media yesterday to ask our supportive followers for their top questions about the Coronavirus. We’ve listened to you all and here’s the most requested answers for you. It’s best to be informed and empowered, we shall get through this together!

Will my wedding still go ahead? 

If your wedding is taking place in Europe over the next couple of months, particularly in Italy, France and Spain, you will likely need to postpone your wedding date as these countries are currently on lockdown. While we cannot be certain how long this will all last, it is thought to be a good few months at least.

It’s best to call your venue or wedding planner with a new date in mind and check if they are available. Provided the change of date happens in this financial year, they might change the date for free, but if after the tax year there may be an additional charge. Double check when you speak to your planner!

What about wedding insurance? 

If you have already taken out wedding insurance, check the terms and conditions on what exactly is covered. Some policies will cover for a cancellation under any circumstance, some will cover changes in circumstance due to Coronavirus, and others may have more restrictive policies. If you don’t already have wedding insurance, be aware that some suppliers have stopped offering new policies, or have exclusions specifically relating to the virus.

Should we limit our guest list?

If your wedding can still essentially go ahead then it will be an option to reduce guest numbers. Open communication with your venue and suppliers is a must, why not consider live streaming your ceremony so loved ones at home can still be involved.

What happens if my supplier gets sick?

There may be some cases where due to illness or difficulties, suppliers cannot fulfil their services. In this case, your existing suppliers might have contacts they can recommend as an alternative. But, don’t forget to check the small print in your wedding insurance policy and/or credit card company to make sure you receive financial reimbursement.

Will I be able to go on honeymoon?

Depending on where and when you’re traveling your honeymoon might have to go on hold. This is now a global pandemic, and Europe is pretty much a no-go! The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against ‘all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’, so you won’t be insured. If you already have insurance, contact your provider and ask what’s covered if you do decide to travel, and what’s covered if you decide not to.

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