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Determined couples brave East Coast blizzard to marry

Determined couples brave East Coast blizzard to marry

Besotted couples brave the weather in New York, Washington and Philadelphia to tie the knot despite raging East Coast blizzard

A massive snowstorm in the US, that has been dubbed ‘Snowmaggedon’, virtually paralysed many cities along the East Coast of America over the weekend. Despite the blizzard which was one of the worst in a century, some determined couples decided to go ahead with their winter weddings as planned.

Tennessee-based Jessica Reed and John Pyle woke up to discover the city was blanketed snow on their wedding morning. John posted on Facebook:

okay longest shot ever, my fiancé and I have planned to get married today on the pedestrian bridge, just happened to snow, anyone have a fur coat she can borrow? we will come get it. #‏thisweddingishappening”

After more than 800 likes and 200 comments offering coats and assistance in other ways, the couple stood on Nashville’s pedestrian bridge and said, “I do”.

In New York lovebirds Ashley and Casey Burlage were delighted to discover that the subway was operational. Wedding disaster averted, Ashley and Casey were able to make their way through 60mph winds and fierce snowfall to the subway, and arrived at the church on time wearing Ugg boots and winter coats.

Incredibly just over half of their 200 invited guests made it through the perilous conditions to attend the nuptials. A city-wide travel ban was officially enforced at 2.30pm and the newlyweds got the subway home again. Ashley told FOX5:

We partied with a lot of strangers chanting ‘subway wedding’!”

Determined couples brave East Coast blizzard to marry
Daily Mail

Seattle couple Nate and Jenna McMaster tied the knot in Washington DC, despite the fact that most of the wedding guests couldn’t make it – including some of the bridal party. Undeterred the bestotted couple went ahead with their wedding and Jenna was even wearing peep-toe bridal shoes as she posed for portraits in the ice-cold snow.

Determined couples brave East Coast blizzard to marry
Camille Catherine Photography, Daily Mail

Featured image: Camille Catherine Photography, Daily Mail

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