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Eight things that happen at every Irish family wedding

Every wedding is different – but there are certain things you can expect from an Irish family wedding

1. It will rain

Despite a diligent Irish Mammy leaving the Child of Prague statue (with the head broken off) outside the house the night before the big day, it still inevitably rains.

Irish family wedding 1

2. Questioning

If you are single prepare to be quizzed on this and to defend your current Facebook status.

Irish family wedding 2

If you are in a relationship for longer than six months, prepare yourself from comments along the lines of, “You’re next!” If you are going out with your partner longer than six months and are over the age of 30 – prepare for serious ‘your partner needs to be warned in advance’ type questioning.

Irish family wedding 3

3. Betting on how long speeches last

Irish family wedding 4

4. Inappropriate speeches

There’s always one – someone, probably the best man, will make offensive comments during the speeches.

Irish family wedding 5

Still not to worry, the family never believe anything bad about their son or brother, instead they question why the groom chose that particular person to be his best man in the first place.

Irish family wedding 6

5. Drunken displays

The underage cousin or old-enough-to-know-better uncle gets drunk and behaves inappropriately in front of Granny.

Irish family wedding 7

A family member will step up to tell them to ‘cop themselves on’

Irish family wedding 8

before someone else drags them back to the bar.

Irish family wedding 9

6. Unusual dance moves

Irish family wedding 10

7. Commenting on the price of things

“Weddings are very expensive these days – and they’ve over 200 invited I heard,”

“50 euro a head for the meal I heard,”

and so on…

Irish family wedding 12

8. Celebrations go on into the wee hours

Irish family wedding 13


Set featured image: pixabay

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