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Great news for Irish singletons from Donegal, Dublin or Cork

Survey reveals some good news for Irish singletons with Donegal, Dublin or Cork accents

If you are single and ready to mingle and happen to have a Donegal accent, then we have great news for you. A survey has named the Donegal brogue the sexiest in the country.

If you are from Donegal, don’t worry about the chat up lines – your wee accent will speak for itself!

Donegal accent

Donegal was closely followed by Dublin.

Cork was named the third most desirable accent in Ireland.

cork accent

Over 21,000 people across the country took part in Slice of Ireland survey which was carried out by The poll revealed some sad news for singletons from Offaly, Longford and Carlow which were voted to have the least desirable accents.

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