Groomzillas… and how to deal with them

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groomzillas on the rise

Take a step back brides- it’s time to talk about groomzillas.

We forgive you if you haven’t heard the term ‘groomzilla’ before. Unlike its sister counterpart ‘bridezilla’, it is less common and much less heard in the run-up to a wedding. But make no mistake- the groomzilla really and truly exists and you may have one right under your nose…

Groomzillas come in many shapes and sizes. Some are sneaky and creep up to startle you when you least expect it whilst some are clever and can weasel in and out of wedding plans without you hearing a thing. They are rare and unexpected- everyone thinks the bride will throw the biggest meltdown- therefore they can operate with stealth and ingenuity. To be honest, its 2016 and as the world continues to blur the lines between traditional gender roles so do groomzillas continue to come out of the woodwork.

But fear not brides who are dealing with groomzillas. If you have one of these mystical creatures on your hands then here’s the types you should watch out for… and how to deal with them.

The Style Guy

He’s stylish, suave and sophisticated by his own right, therefore he thinks he should call the shots not only for his groomsmen… but for the bridal party as well.

What to do: Make it clear that while you appreciate and love his sense of style, your wedding dress is your area of expertise (and that goes for bridesmaids too). He’s more than welcome to dress his lads as he wishes, but leave the ladies to  you. Separating the task into two distinct areas helps keep you out of his way and him out of yours.

The Piggybank

Modern couples share the cost of the wedding, but what do you do when he wants to watch the pennies and you want your dream wedding day- no expense spared?

What to do: Begin by researching the average cost of a wedding and listing exactly what you want. Then pick a budget and stick to it. Make sure you both agree from the beginning on this exclusive figure then do your best to adhere to it. Respect his financial concerns and he’ll respect your wedding concerns.

The Transparent One

This groom claims to have no interest in wedding planning at all, but whenever you pick something he makes a snide comment.

What to do: Wait two or three times, then call him on it (in a nice way). Ask him if he’s not happy with your taste and if he wants to get involved. Make sure he knows that you’re happy for him to help and that you’d appreciate it. Hopefully that should stop the snide remarks!

The Do-Gooder

You’ve spent ages researching the perfect wedding band, only to find he’s already booked one… as well as most of the wedding day essentials. Then he’s blamed his forward-thinking on ‘only wanting to help’.

What to do: Start by explaining how much you appreciate that help but make it clear that wedding planning is a two-way street. How would he feel if you had excluded him altogether? He should understand that planning your special day was something you were looking forward to as well and you would like to do it as a team.

If you aren’t sure if your man is a groomzilla yet, then here’s the top things which may push him over the edge…

groomzillas on the rise

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