Sunshine ‘n’ Showers For June Brides

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With June marking the official start of the summer months, that can only mean one thing… wedding season!

The next three months (June, July and August) are amongst the most desirable for brides-to-be with couples hoping for the best of the British & Irish weather. June has always been regarded as a fabulous month for a wedding as summertime officially begins and days get longer- ideal for an outdoor country garden wedding.

However, according to UK bride, the UK is set to experience a less than perfect start to weddings season with stormy showers expected across the UK dashing hopes of couples across the nation. Tilly Wilkinson of UK bride says “12% of all weddings take place in June; 14% take place in July”… “Weekends in June are the most popular dates to marry, with 54% of weddings taking place on Saturdays overall”

With a general forecast of June looking at sunshine and showers, it is commonly said that rain on your wedding day is good luck- true or not- it’s important to be prepared for rain, particularly if you are hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Here are 5 top tips to keep you covered:

Buy extra umbrellas

Match them to your decor and opt for white or quirky patterned ones to suit tour day, leave them at your venue door- the guests will thank you! They also look great when taking photos with your other half.


Consider marquees & tents

If you are getting married outdoors you may already have a marquee, however if your hosting your reception in an alternative outdoor venue, you could hold rental party tents – check the weather a few days before the wedding to see if you need them.


Keep guests updated

Keep guests in the loop of any changes in schedule should there be any adverse changes in weather, so they know when and where to arrive.


Be Decisive

check the weather report the day before the wedding on the most likely forecast so that you can notify your venue and suppliers of any changes or rain back-up plans.


Remain Positive

A little rain never did much harm, make the most of it and enjoy your special day!


However, all is not lost- historically it is said that the month of June derives from ‘Juno’, the Roman goddess of marriage, where it was thought that June weddings would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. June brides rejoice!


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