Here’s why you really should buy wedding insurance

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wedding insurance

We get that you don’t want to think about things going wrong on your wedding day, but it can happen, which is why you need wedding insurance

Picture this: you’re just 24 hours away from walking down the aisle and suddenly the phone rings. It’s your dress maker with the terrible news that your wedding gown has become the victim of a horrific sewing machine accident.

Later, the photographer cancels because he accidently double booked. Your best man has been mugged and the wedding rings are stolen and, to top it all off, the hotel you booked went up in flames and was totally destroyed, leaving you to cater for a 200 person reception in your own back garden.

Admittedly organising wedding insurance isn’t the most romantic of tasks, but it’s one of the most important. Having something to fall back on in case of emergency is priceless and will make your wedding planning experience a great deal easier.

Why bother?

Couples spend on average £23,000 on their wedding, making it one of the greatest sums you’ll part with in your lifetime. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, and yet your wedding may be more expensive. Your big day is just as worthy of protection as your vehicle, your home, your phone and your jewellery, so you ought to safeguard it for every eventuality.

Before shopping for insurance, check first that your home insurance policy doesn’t already have some provisions for weddings, or at least allow you to extend cover for a wedding. If so, check to see what it covers and if it’s cheaper than a standalone wedding insurance policy.

What could go wrong?

To be blunt, anything and everything COULD go wrong. No matter how organised you are, there may be certain catastrophes you can’t foresee. However on the other hand, your day could run so smoothly that your wedding insurance isn’t necessary, but don’t view this as a waste; the piece of mind it affords you in the run up will make it money well spent.

What does wedding insurance cover?

“Wedding Insurance provides protection in case something in relation to a pre-booked wedding service was to go wrong unexpectedly before or on your wedding day,” say the experts at

“Wedding insurance can provide cover for wedding suppliers from the time you put down your deposit, and cover your wedding dress and your wedding venue, all of which tend to form the largest portion of your wedding costs.”

This means wedding insurance will cover things like:

  • Your venue cancelling
  • Your wedding rings being stolen
  • Your cake, flowers and other such items not turning up
  • Suppliers going into liquidation
  • Photographer or videographer not turning up
  • Personal accident
  • Family member dying, causing you to cancel the wedding
  • Liability, in case any wedding guests get drunk and damage the venue or injure themselves
  • Failure of hired wedding transport

What does it not cover?

Wedding insurance does not cover a situation you have control over, like changing your mind, or cancelling because you can no longer afford a service. Some insurers are strict on theft and will not cover a situation where precautions could have been taken; for instance the rings being stolen from an unlocked car.

How much will wedding insurance cost?

Wedding insurance isn’t as expensive as you might think, costing as little as £30/€30  and up to £200/€200 for a fully comprehensive policy.

So, if you haven’t allocated for wedding insurance in your ever increasing wedding budget, it might be time to get the calculator out.

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