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Average age to marry

Irish people are getting married at a later age than ever before recorded

The average age that Irish men and women are getting married at has hit an all-time high

According to new marriage statistics released by the Central Statistics Office, Irish couples are leaving it later to get married than ever before.

The average age that an Irish man ties the knot now sits at 35.3. This shows that men are choosing to wait a little longer as time goes by; in 2014 the average man got married aged 35, and at 26.2 years back in 1977.

Last year the average age Irish women took the plunge was 33.2. That figure show a small increase from 2014 when the average Irish lady said ‘I do’ at the age of 33, in 1977 Irish women got married almost a decade earlier aged 24.

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It seems as if Irish ladies like older men, as the groom was older than the bride in over 63% of marriages that took place last year.

For the fourth year in a row, August has remained the most popular month for nuptials to take place.

The number of marriages registered last year was 22,025, 88.1% of those were first time weddings for both the bride and groom. Religious ceremonies accounted for the highest proportion of marriages, at 66.3%.


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