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leap year marriage proposals

Ladies, it’s a Leap Year and that means one thing in the wedding world…

… It’s your turn to propose! Prepare to get down on one knee, because 2016 is one of the few leap years where you can pop the question to your man.

If you didn’t know already, 2016 is a Leap Year. This means that along with making the calendar year one day longer it also carries a variety of myths and legends centred around the day that only happens once every four years- February 29.

leap year marriage proposals

Ironically the majority of these age-old legends are focused on two key areas which are of direct interest to us in Wedding Journal HQ, love and marriage, and the most famous of these myths has us full of excitement for 2016… Ladies, you’re allowed to propose! Irish tales dictate that St. Brigid made a deal with St. Patrick that once every four years women could propose to men to balance out gender inequalities, similar to how the addition of February 29 balances out the calendar year.

Now we know that women can propose to their men whenever they want, but according to this survey done in 2015, it just isn’t happening as often as you’d think. 79% of women admitted they wouldn’t dream of popping the questions, and 65% of men said they would say no if they did! We can only hope this rare opportunity in the form of a Leap Year changes the stigma and on March 1st we hear of an influx of newly-engaged ladies who paved the way themselves.

leap year marriage proposals
The Proposal

But the story doesn’t end there…

In an ironic twist of fate there is another old folk legend for the Leap Year which dictates that men who turn down proposals of marriage must pay a penalty to the woman. This can be in the form of clothing, money, or as the myth says, by gifting the lady 12 pairs of gloves to hide her ringless fingers. So lads, be aware that saying no may come with a bit more added punishment!

Finally, the last Leap Year story we heard belongs to the Scots, who believe that being born on February 29 is akin to being born on Friday the 13th. Unfortunately these babies will be unlucky in love forever!

leap year marriage proposals

So ladies, take note from these Irish legends. This year you can propose and if your man says no (which we hope he won’t), you can ask him for 12 pairs of gloves instead! Oh, and by all means try not to give birth on a Leap Year!

Would you consider popping to question to your partner on February 29?

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