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Plan a wedding in 11 simple steps – Game of Thrones style

We are LOVING Game of Thrones season 6 and it’s got us thinking about how to plan a wedding in 11 simple steps – GOT style

Step 1. Book your venue

Game of Thrones 10

Step 2. Choose your wedding music/entertainment

Game of Thrones 4

Step 3. Shop for a wedding dress… excitement!

Game of Thrones 5

Step 4. Choose a colour scheme

Pick your theme and colour scheme,

Game of Thrones 13

once you’ve decided stick to your decision. Second guessing your choices will only add stress.

Game of Thrones 12

Step 5. Make the guest list

Allocate plenty of time for this task and be ruthless or your will end up with a larger wedding and more costly one than planned!

Game of Thrones 6

Step 6. Don’t go Bridezilla

Some people get so caught up in wedding planning that they unleash their inner Bridezilla – rein it in ladies, nobody needs to see that!

Game of Thrones 7

Of course if this does happen we’re sure your besties will forgive you if you apologise in time for…

Game of Thrones 8

The hen party!

Game of Thrones 11

Step 7. Practice you first dance

Game of Thrones

Step 8. Taste test the reception meal

Game of Thrones 14

and the wine list.

Game of Thrones 2

Step 9. Write the invites

Don’t forget to proofread before sending.

Game of Thrones 9

Step 10. Have a makeup trial

Game of Thrones 10

Step 11. Enjoy your day!

When the day finally arrives, it’s important this to remember is that you have planned and prepared all that you can, things can and do go wrong sometimes, but the best thing to do is to relax and enjoy your day!

Game of Thrones 3

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