How to rock being single at the wedding

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how to rock being single at wedding

Send this to anyone struggling with having no ‘plus one’ at your wedding. Spoiler: It’s better being single.

So your BFF is getting married and you’re single.

You may think it isn’t fair to have to go to another wedding alone but the truth is, it happens to almost everyone at some stage. Hey, Bridesmaids was an entire film about it (kind-of)!

To make it worse, the invitation arrives and sadly, there’s no plus one for you. So now you have to not only battle with being single… but also you can’t bring a friend.

But don’t despair because really and truly weddings are better when you’re single. And here’s how you can rock them.

Pamper you (and only you) the week before the wedding.

Wear something gorgeous so you are the envy of everyone.

Make an entrance.

Mingle. No one’s tying you to a table!

Grab any free booze.

Reply with clever feedback to anyone who comments on your singleness.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Eat WHATEVER you want.

Flirt with any and every one (unless they’re taken…).

Leave anytime you want because you’ve got no one holding you back.

But the truth is, you don’t need our advice about how to rock being single because as long as you be yourself- you’re amazing just as you are.

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