Why You Should Get Married Abroad

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Here are eight reasons to pack your bags and marry abroad

It Costs Less

You may think that travelling around the world to get married will cost a fortune, but you’d be wrong. By their very nature, destination weddings tend to be more intimate affairs, which makes them much more cost effective when compared to the average £12,000 spend onweddings at home. You can still have that five star wedding venue, the designer wedding dress and those finishing touches, but all for a more budget friendly price.

It’s Less Hassle

How can organising a wedding in a country you know nothing about, where the people speak a language you don’t understand, be less hassle? It is if you use a specialist wedding planningcompany to arrange your big day, or you book a complete wedding package in the country and hotel of your choice through a travel operator. They’ll make all the reservations, do all the bookings, and arrange all the contractors; all you need to do is show up!

It’s More Than Just A Day

When getting married abroad, your wedding often becomes more than just one day. Many couples make the most of having all their wedding guests in the one location and carry theirwedding celebrations over a number of days. Think of it as one long party.

No Annoying Relatives

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about your wedding guest list, or who should sit where on the seating plan? A wedding abroad cuts out the difficult wedding guest selection process by restricting numbers to family and very close friends only. If you really do need to include that horrible aunt or troublesome cousin, why not have a post-wedding party on your return and invite everyone to help you celebrate your marriage.

There’s A Good Chance Of Sunshine

It rains more often than not in Ireland, but if you plan a destination wedding you can choose to travel somewhere warm and sunny. Yes there’s still a slim chance of rain, but you’ve a much better chance of good weather than you would staying at home. Better still, fly out a few days before your wedding day and get a beautiful, natural tan to set off that wedding dress.

Pretty Pictures

Ireland does have lots of magnificent wedding venues, but the world as a whole offers so many imaginative and exciting possibilities. Choosing the right wedding destination will be a great base for your wedding photos – imagine Lake Garda in Italy or the white sand of a beach in the Craibbean as your backdrop. Another plus is that you shouldn’t need to worry about your wedding pictures being a ‘wash out’, rain would be very unlucky.

The Romance

Don’t underestimate the inherent romance attached to a wedding abroad! Lots of people fulfil their dream of a wedding on the beaches of Thailand, in a quaint chateau in the South of France, or by the fountains of Rome. Destination weddings fulfil fantasies and also guarantee your wedding to be truly unique.

Personalise Your Wedding Day

No one wants their wedding day to be the same as everyone else and with a wedding abroad you can make the whole experience really special, both for you and your wedding guests. You can also tailor it to your personality, so if you fancy something a bit lively why not go to Las Vegas? Whereas if you would like something quieter, then how about a beach in Mauritius?


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