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Fairtrade ring

Say ‘I Do’ to Fairtrade Wedding Rings

The Fairtrade Foundation has launched and new campaign, ‘I Do’ to encourage couples to buy Fairtrade wedding rings made from ethically sourced gold.

Rings with Fairtrade Mark
Rings with Fairtrade mark

If you’re getting married this year then you’re probably thinking about buying a wedding ring or having one made. If so, then you’ve doubtless decided what your ring should be made from. Perhaps you’re opting for traditional gold, or going for something slightly different like platinum. Whatever you’ve chosen, do you know where the metal in the ring has come from?

The gold mining industry has been criticized for ignoring forced and child labour and damaging natural environments. Miners work in hazardous conditions and handle dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide. In many cases, they are exploited and paid very little.

A new campaign “I Do” launched by The Fairtrade Foundation is encouraging the next generation of couples to opt for Fairtrade gold when they choose their wedding rings to help improve the lives of small-scale miners all over the world.

Fairtrade wedding rings

Want to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a wedding ring that is Fairtrade certified

Know the difference

Fairtrade gold has been responsibly mined to strict standards. The people who mined the gold have received a fair price and a sum of money they can spend on their communities. Child labour and forced labour have been prohibited and hazardous chemicals phased out. Ordinary gold is not always subjected to this strict approach.

Find a Fairtrade goldsmith

You can buy a Fairtrade gold wedding ring from any Fairtrade licensed goldsmith. The ring will be physically stamped with the FAIRTRADE mark, to show that it has been produced according to the Fairtrade Standard and can be traced back to a Fairtrade Certified mine. Find a Fairtrade goldsmith near you here

Get creative

Why not design a Fairtrade ring that is personal to you? Most jewellers and goldsmiths working with Fairtrade gold design bespoke wedding rings. Some will be able to make a Fairtrade platinum ring for you. It’s also possible to buy Fairtrade silver and you can obtain a whole range of Fairtrade gemstones

Know the story of your ring

Whole communities have benefited from the Fairtrade gold initiative and have been able to improve their local facilities such as schools. When you buy a Fairtrade wedding ring your jeweller will tell you where the gold has come from. You can also learn more about Fairtrade mining projects here 

Be proud

Owning a Fairtrade gold wedding ring is something to be proud of, so tell as many people as possible the story of your ring! A Fairtrade gold wedding ring says that you care about fairness and equality. It means you are doing something for the millions of people who rely on small-scale mining around the world. Your wedding ring will be a symbol of change, as well as a symbol of love!

Fairtrade gold
Look for the Fairtrade gold logo




What else can I do?

  • Visit the website fairtrade.org.uk/IDO
  • Follow @Fairtrade_gold on Twitter
  • Tell your local vicar about Fairtrade gold
  • Ask your local jeweller if they stock Fairtrade gold
  • Ask any major jewellery retailer if they sell Fairtrade gold wedding rings. They can find more information about Fairtrade gold here

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