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seven relationship dealbreakers

Seven traits that are relationship deal-breakers

Is your relationship on the rocks? One of these could be the reason why…

A journal published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin has revealed the seven main traits which can break a relationship and number one is… unattractiveness. It seems that couples are most concerned about their partner’s looks when it comes to whether a relationship will stand the test of time and this includes having bad hygiene habits or looking disheveled.

Here’s the list from the top down…

  1. Unattractiveness
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle
  3. Undesirable Personality Traits
  4. Differing Religious Beliefs
  5. Limited Social Status
  6. Differing Mating Strategies
  7. Differing Relationship Goals
seven relationship dealbreakers

The team of researchers from Florida at Western Sydney University also found that while people tend to look for positive traits when seeking out a new partner, they tend to subconsciously find undesirable ones because of their deal-breakers. For example, people who have a serious aversion to particular personality traits like cockiness may be more likely to catch the eye of someone cocky.

“Good catches” were revealed to have more deal-breakers than regular mates and men and women’s deal-breakers differed substantially when thoroughly investigated.

A separate study revealed that men don’t like to date women who are smarter than they are and that ‘one that talks too much’ is a definite no-no. For women, its ‘lack of sense of humour’ that is the biggest deal-breaker as it is linked to intelligence.

Phew-its a lot to take in but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt its take regular showers!

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