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Planning a wedding is stressful! With to think about, organise and pay for, your body and mind can get run down and exhausted.

Our mind is similar to a computer; it runs the programs we have installed in it. Just as a computer needs to have old programs updated, our mind needs to have old emotional information from the past reset.

When you are a guest at a wedding you can enjoy the experience, totally oblivious to all the stress and anxiety that may have gone into the planning of such a special day.

WJ spoke to Josephine McAlister, a Mindful Coach and owner of Reset Stress. From an early age Josephine was intrigued by how emotions impact people and their lives differently.


‘Often I speak to brides who are so stressed coming up to their wedding that they just want it to be over, isn’t that sad  when they  have put so much into it and dreamt about it for so long?’

As a Mindset Coach Jo can help!

Stress and anxiety are due to your thought process, a thought is temporary and only lasts for a few seconds but when you are in a state of stress or anxiety you are focusing on the same thoughts over and over again. The only difference between someone stressing about their wedding and someone who doesn’t stress about it is the way they think about it.

The person who is totally laid back will say ‘It will all work out’, ‘I can only do so much’, ‘I am not responsible for how people feel, if they don’t like certain things that is about them and not me.’

‘As a Mindset Coach I help you to update your database.  The things that were frightening when you were seven shouldn’t be frightening you now but your unconscious mind doesn’t update its information. When we change the information in your unconscious mind the stress and anxiety goes away.’

‘Lots of people can be affected by stress and anxiety, it can be others in the bridal party who have roles in the wedding and are anxious about this. As a Mindset Coach I can work with anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious.’

Why not change your thinking today and stop let stress or anxiety rule your life. Jo is based in Glenavy about 10 miles outside Belfast,but is more than happy to travel if it is more convenient. ‘I am also in Dublin regularly so I can meet you there also.’

Top Tips To Stay Calm

  • ~Find time in your schedule to do what you love!
  • ~Develop better self-care so you don’t feel frazzled 24/7
  • ~Tap into what brings you joy and stop worrying about the insignificant details

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