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Bikini Hotels

The Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels Port de Sóller is located at one of the most beautiful spots of Mallorca.

A brand new concept for Mallorca island with food and drinks, an outstanding mixture of design, art & unique handicraft specimen developed by award winning design studio DREIMETA.

The Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels Port de Sóller is located at one of the most beautiful spots of Mallorca. Means, you have a fantastic view from all rooms, no matter what size they are. We’ve got seven different room categories for you. No matter which one you prefer, they all come with taste, style, your private balcony and a view. Choosing your favourite won’t be easy.

The first thing you might sense at our Hotel is a feel of creativity and individuality, be it in the laid-back Bar and Lounge, in the casual restaurant, or in the generous pool area with our garden atmosphere. Design, art and – sometimes even more important – creative cuisine is everywhere. And what’s more: wherever you are, you’ll have a breathtaking sight at the sea, the mountains or the little village of Port de Sollér. We call it “Gypset Style”, and in fact, not only we do. It springs from San Francisco where the original hippie movement was born back in the 60s. A mix of leisure living and hedonism. Made for those who value time, freedom and creativity as well as a little luxury here and there. You might call it an individual place for individual people. Or just the perfect spot to let go of everything and to celebrate the joy of life.

The idyllic harbor town invites you to relax while walking along the promenade, watching the ships at the harbor, strolling through the narrow streets and visiting the beautiful beach.
The Tramuntana mountains with their breathtaking nature transform every city person into a nature lover.

How you are spending your holidays is very individual. One thing is certain: The selection is vast, and there is something for every taste to be discovered. Together with our local experts and guides, we have put together a selection of experiences we think you will love. Take a look around or get advice during your stay with us. From yoga retreats, hiking, water activities and golf – there’s so much to see and explore in Mallorca.

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