Humanist Ceremonies

We’re the most established celebrant organisation in the UK. We pioneered non-religious ceremonies in 1896, and have been conducting award-winning, inclusive, love-filled weddings ever since.

Your Humanist Ceremonies celebrant will spend time getting to know you and what you’d like on your big day. They’ll help you choose the order of the ceremony, the words, poetry, music, and any rituals you would like, such as a handfasting, a sand ceremony, or something of specific cultural significance to you.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, please visit our website which is full of creative ideas and real life wedding stories.

Are humanist marriages legally recognised in Northern Ireland?

Yes. If you’re getting married by a Humanist Ceremonies celebrant, your marriage will be legally recognised – and that goes for same-sex marriages too! We support marriage equality, and all our celebrants are proud to conduct same-sex weddings.

How do I make a booking enquiry?
You can find a celebrant near you by searching our interactive map.

We have a network of more than twenty wedding celebrants in Northern Ireland. In the event of your celebrant experiencing an accident or illness, another network member will step in and seamlessly deliver your ceremony.

For general enquiries about HumanistCeremonies, please contact

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