The Dixie Mix Photography

Dixie Mix Photography takes unique styles, quirky shots and memorable moments for every couple, making them feel special on their big day

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for photography and all things creative. I studied art from a very young age and continued this through to university when I studied Interactive Multimedia Design. This course combined my love of technology and design and allowed me to study everything from web design to photography and everything in-between.

​From there, I went on to become a graphic designer and part-time lecturer at South West College, teaching all things ICT and photography. However, this wasn’t enough for me as I wanted more flexibility with my shots, I wanted to be more creative. I left my job at the college and Dixie Mix was born. Allowing me to work with amazing brides, grooms and families than the average photographer.

​From there, I was able to take unique styles, quirky shots and memorable moments for couples. My passion grew and grew through earning more and more each day. I expanded my skills and knowledge by constantly updating my pallet of skills, creativity and unique perspectives.

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