Villa Arrigo

Since 1986 Villa Arrigo has been operating as an upmarket venue, catering for various events, receptions and dinners.

About Villa Arrigo


Villa Arrigo, part of the Arrigo Group of Companies founded by Ralph Arrigo, offers an exclusive and elegant venue for your wedding. Originally known as Villa Garcin, it was purchased by the Arrigo family in 1986. With a rich history and colonial-style architecture, Villa Arrigo provides a picturesque setting for weddings, banquets, and prestigious events. The Arrigo Companies, including Osborne Caterers, have a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative delicacies, high-quality food, and professional presentation. With a focus on personalized service, Osborne Caterers ensures that each client’s needs are met with utmost dedication.

More about Villa Arrigo:

We have served past Popes, foreign dignitaries, state functions, Ministerial and Presidential dinners. Decades ago, Osborne Caterers realised that the next step was to provide an exclusive location. Moving away from providing our esteemed clientele catering services from the hotel, we turned the nature of the business to a Boutique and exclusive caterer. Villa Arrigo is an elegant Villa situated in San Pawl tat-Targa, an exclusive area in the Maltese Islands.

Furthermore, this majestic villa offers you a delightful venue for any occasion. The décor, grand marquee and immaculate gardens create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. The venue is ideal setting for any special event.

Villa Arrigo is a colonial style villa which has over the last twenty-nine years combined a perfect setting for fine weddings and banquets. It is also constantly being enriched, bringing the elegance inside the Villa into the beautiful garden. The catering The Nation’s favourite catering and event design company.

Traditional and new trendsetting ideas, together with our contemporary chic food has become the hallmark of Osborne Caterers. Customers appreciate the fact that we are not a production kitchen where other menus are catered for simultaneously, however a personalised kitchen and staff for every client’s needs.

Both the venue and food preparations will be completely dedicated to you in other words EXCLUSIVELY YOURS! Osborne Boutique Caterer’s commitment to quality and innovation is also guaranteed through Veronica Zammit Tabona’ s personal attention and dedication.

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