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The Most Common Wedding Arguments Every Couple Has


It’s ironic, that planning the happiest day of your life can, at times, make you angrier than ever before. Check out our most common wedding arguments!

common wedding arguments

But there’s a lot to do – which means there’s a lot to argue about. So we’ve decided to list the top ten pre-wedding fights so you can try your best to plan your wedding without killing each other (hard as that might be)

1. He’s not pulling his weight

“Whatever you want.” is not the answer I want!!

2. His/her guest list is bigger than mine

If you invite one more second cousin, I’m going to have to uninvite my own mother.

3. The ex factor

She ain’t coming.

4. Money

You’re seriously buying an Xbox?  Like, right now? When we’re supposed be saving. I guess I’ll just not wear a wedding dress then.

5. He’s not being your best man

Last time you two went out, you woke up face down in the lawn wearing nothing but your socks. That dude is NOT making a speech at our wedding.

6. Bridezilla

It’s probably not ok to scream in your fiance’s face just because the ribbon favours he ordered were the wrong tone of crimson.

7. The stag do

I’m sorry, I think I misheard. Did you say there was a stripper?

8. Family

If your mother invites one more of her church choir friends, I’m going to clobber her.

9. We are not having a death metal band at the reception

I know I said you could choose entertainment, but seriously?

10. I’m not going to Donegal for our honeymoon.

End. Of. Story.


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