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day after engagement vs day before the wedding

The Week After Getting Engaged vs The Week Before the Wedding

Spoiler: Everything is very dramatic before, after and during getting engaged.

Congrats, you’ve gotten engaged and on a scale of 1 to 10, your excitement levels are through the roof. But how does that week after getting engaged compare to the week before the wedding? It’s time to find out…

1. Telling everyone you’ve ever met you’ve just gotten engaged.

Right after the engagement:


The week before the wedding:

We met. He proposed. That’s it now stop asking and let me plan my perfect, special, magical day.

2. Thinking up a cute engagement/wedding related announcement for social media.

Right after the engagement:

I’ll just subtly hold this glass of champagne, angle my ring to the light and post his hand next to mine. Teehee, we’re so cute and in love.

The week before the wedding:

Maybe if NO ONE mentions it on Facebook/Twitter then those 300 people I haven’t invited to the wedding won’t get offended.

3. Flipping through wedding magazines.

Right after the engagement: 

I’ll have it ALL, thank you. The venue, the dress, the cake, the champagne, the jewels, the cars, the room decor- EVERYTHING.

The week before the wedding: 

A table centre costs HOW much? *internally weeps*

4. Planning DIY projects from Pinterest.

Right after the engagement:

You mean I can MAKE all of this? Easily? At home? Let’s DIY the whole thing!

The week before the wedding:

This was a bad, time-consuming, idea.

5. Hanging out with your bridesmaids.

Right after your get engaged:

Let’s us just have fun and enjoy being together!

The week before the wedding:


6. Going on a pre-wedding diet.

Right after you get engaged:

I’m only eating vegetables and will run for six hours a day everyday until the wedding to fit into that stunning dress.

The week before the wedding:

Don’t talk to me unless you bring food.

7. Picking a venue.

Right after the engagement:

City vs countryside, indoors vs outdoors, quaint vs mansion, contemporary vs traditional. There’s so much to choose from!

The week before the wedding:

I’ve forgotten what this venue looks like because I’ve waited three years to get married but damn I’m glad to be here!

8. Spending time with your hubby-to-be.

Right after the engagement: 

I love you more. No, I love you more. No, I love you more.

The week before the wedding: 

Don’t touch me, I’m tried from wedding planning.

But no matter how things change, the outcome will always be the same…

Happy wedding! <3

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