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VIDEO: Taylor Swift was Maid of Honour and now you can watch

Remember that wedding Taylor Swift was at a couple of weeks ago? She gave us all #MaidOfHonourGoals as she supported one of her BFFs and now you can watch the whole video.

SPOILER ALERT: You will shed a tear or two.

The internet went into a frenzy as paparazzi shots of Taylor Swift were released two weeks ago appearing to show her engaging in a tradition us mere mortals engage in too… a wedding. But in true superstar fashion Swifty wasn’t just a megre guest as this wedding, she was the ‘third in command’- also known as the Maid of Honour.

Well if you were keen to see more than just the hurried snaps of her in the distance, be prepared as the full wedding video from Taylor’s BFF Britany has been released and it’s a tearful one!

Watch below:

Not only does Swifty appear regularly in the video, but she does all the things we know and love her for- singing, speech-giving and dancing. She even gives her own version of Britany and Ben’s story which she dubs one of the best.

And if you aren’t even a Taylor Swift fan, this wedding is seriously envy-inducing with sparkles, mood lighting and a gorgeous setting.

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