10 Creative Save the Date Ideas

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vintage save the date

When a basic card simply won’t do, it’s time to think outside the box with our creative Save the Date ideas…

Create an epic Save the Date video

We’re in awe of Tyler McNiven & fiancée Kelly’s Mission Impossible styled Save the Date video.  Telling a tale of mystery and intrigue, the epic mini-film ends with a exploding wedding cake. Cool.

Tyler MacNiven / Via youtube.com
Tyler MacNiven / Via youtube.com

Note: The couple are NOT professional film makers, he owns a restaurant and she is a scientist! Oh and the whole thing only cost them $400!

Watch the full video here 

Send a movie parody card

If actually making a movie is one step too far, how about creating a Save the Date Card with a movie parody theme. Brad and Angelina anyone?

creative save the date ideas 2

Send a secret message

Keeping to the spy theme, why not send a top secret card that needs to be decoded to reveal the date, time and location.

creative save the date ideas 3

Send a balloon in the post

Blow your guests away and print your save the date details on a balloon.

creative save the date ideas 4

or…send something that’s actually useful

like a coaster, magnet or mug. You wont believe the variety of items you can customise these days.

creative save the date ideas 5

Use your pet to spread the word

Awwwww…need we say more.

creative save the date ideas 6
creative save the date ideas 7

Turn yourselves into super heroes

because everyone loves a funny card (and you can be the person who always knew you were)

creative save the date ideas 8

Have fun with paper origami

Remember how much fun these were at school? Now you can use them to send details of your date and venue.

save the date ideas

Get a tattoo

not a real one of course!

save the date ideas

Let sparks fly

Light up the world with sparklers. Cheap, cheerful and very pretty, sparklers can be used to write a save the date message.

save the date sparklers
Dan Kenemore/Flickr.com

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