10 fab bridesmaid photo opportunities

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bridesmaid photo opportunities

After the big day is over, great memories and photographs is what will last a lifetime- don’t miss out on these amazing bridesmaid photo opportunities!

One of the best parts of your wedding day is having a giggle with your favourite girls while you get ready in the morning. Make the most of it, crack open a bottle of bubbly and get posing! After the big day is over, Wedding Journal Online recommends gifting the maids a framed photo from the morning of the wedding as a sweet memento.

Jumping on the bed

A classic, but who can’t helping smiling at this cute shot?

bridesmaid photo opportunities 5

Hiding the flower girl’s eyes

A cheeky snap that can be shown to the flower girl in years to come!

bridesmaid photo opportunities 9
Credit- Love behind the lense

Joining the bouquets together

There is no better way to show off what impeccable taste you have in wedding flowers.

bridesmaid photo opportunities 3
Credit- Bridal Guide

How they met the bride

Such an adorable keepsake for the bride.

bridesmaid photo opportunities 2
Credit- Brent and Erin Photography

Covering faces with flowers

This shot is quirky and fun- the perfect relief from the ‘stand and smile’ pose.

bridesmaid photo opportunities 11
Credit- Fresh Design Media

Helping the bride get ready

After the wedding you will want to remember all the little moments, and getting ready with your girls will definitely be one of them!

bridesmaid photo opportunities 6
Credit- Corey Ann

The first look

Filled with emotion, first look photography can make the most adorable mementos. On the big day you’ll be far too excited to take much in, but having a photograph of  your best friends reactions to you in your wedding dress will be priceless.

bridesmaid photo opportunities 10
Credit- To Travel and Beyond

Through the looking glass

This artistic shot will look impressive in your wedding album!

bridesmaid photo opportunities 8
Credit- Geoff Wilkings

Getting ready attire

Matching robes are still a huge wedding trend but playsuits are set to be a big hit in 2017.

bridesmaid photo opportunities 7
Credit- Cyrience Creative Studios

Throwing the bouquets

It’s not just the bride who gets to throw a bouquet!

bridesmaid photo opportunities 4
Credit- Bride and Blossom


Featured Image- Kirsty Doyle WordPress



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