10 summer wedding cake flavours

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Summer wedding cake flavours 11

Wow your guest this year by serving one of Wedding Journal Online’s fab summer wedding cake flavours!

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of any wedding is the cake. Leave the old favourites behind and dazzle your guests with one of these innovative creations.


What could be more suitable for a summer wedding than turning everyone’s favourite summer tipple into a cake? Loaded with fresh fruit and a healthy slug of alcohol, this wedding cake flavour will absolutely be a crowd pleaser.

Summer wedding cake flavours 6
Credit- Caked Patisserie

Rhubarb and Lemon Curd

Rich and tangy, rhubarb and lemon curd is a great flavour for a naked wedding cake. Made with fresh, seasonal produce, it belongs at a vintage, tea party wedding.

Summer wedding cake flavours 9
Credit- Lighter and Local

Coconut with Ginger and Lime

Light and refreshing with just a hint of spice, this cake will be a welcome relief from the more traditional fruit cake on a summer’s day.

Summer wedding cake flavours
Credit- Tatyana’s Everyday Food

Knickerbocker Glory

Moist and delicious layers of ice cream flavoured sponge are paired with sweetened cream and refreshing jelly. A hit with kids and grownups alike!

Summer wedding cake flavours 5
Credit- Clandestines Cake Club

Elderflower and Prosecco

An elegant choice, this wedding cake flavour promises to get those taste buds tingling. Pair with a glass of bubbles for a late afternoon pick-me-up after the speeches.

Summer wedding cake flavours 3
Credit- Recipes Plus

Pistachio and White Chocolate

The fabulous colour of the pistachios is triumphed only by the subtle yet distinctive white chocolate taste. Lighter than a traditional chocolate cake but feels extremely decadent!

Summer wedding cake flavours 7
Credit- Jane’s Patisserie

Fresh Orange and Passion fruit

Zesty and clean, this fruity favourite will win over all your guests. The passion fruit and mascarpone filling compliments the orange sponge perfectly.

Summer wedding cake flavours 4
Credit- Delia Online

Pink Champagne

Celebrate in style with a pink champagne flavoured cake. With champagne infused layers and a rich, flavourful buttercream, what more could you ask for?

Summer wedding cake flavours 2
Credit- Easy Weddings

Earl Grey and Lavender

A unique combination, the light chocolate frosting balances the floral tea flavours for a summer taste explosion.

Summer wedding cake flavours 10
Credit- Sift and Whisk

Raspberry Ripple

Who can resist a raspberry ripple ice-cream on a warm day? A vanilla and raspberry infused sponge with a creamy centre is just the right amount of richness after a heavy meal.

Summer wedding cake flavours 8
Credit- Hummingbird Bakery

Featured Image- Claire Condell Cakes

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