10 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget

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With the average Irish wedding costing €24,000 / £21,000 and tying the knot becoming increasingly costly, we know more than anyone that weddings can be expensive business!

It comes as no surprise that couples are constantly seeking out new ways to lower the cost of their wedding day; however it somehow seems that from the venue, catering, honeymoons and dresses; nothing is cheap in the world of weddings! So we decided to speak to real life brides to find out how they cut their wedding costs, and, GOOD NEWS it turns out making a few small changes in different aspects of your wedding really can save you money in the long-term!

Be inspired by our real brides on how they cut on costs without scrimping on style…

1 – The Dress

Orla Clarke, 26, says:

“I had my heart set on a fabulous designer dress, but I just couldn’t justify paying the £3000 price tag! I tried on lots of other dresses that were slightly cheaper, but they just didn’t have the WOW factor that I had hoped for. I waited a while in the hopes of saving a little harder for the dress of my dreams, but as if it was meant to be, I was scrolling Facebook and noticed that a boutique that stocked my chosen designer had a sample sale, I immediately made an appointment and low and behold I bagged myself my dream dress at half the price! I couldn’t believe it and I was so glad I waited!”

2- The Date

Georgia Holloway, 33 says:

“We held our wedding on a Thursday instead of a weekend but made sure to give our guests plenty of notice for those who needed time off work! We also chose a date in winter instead of the peak times of summer, and it turns out we saved ourselves a whopping £1000 on a date alone! Many guests also commented how they really enjoyed a long weekend- mission success.”

3- The Drinks Reception

Connie Williamson, 36 says:

“As with many pre-packaged wedding venue deals, canapés at our drinks reception was included in our price, however when we worked it out, they were coming in at around £500! We kindly asked the hotel to remove the canapés from our package and instead we bought our own chocolates and sweet treats for the drinks reception that only cost us £50. The guests still thought they were made by the hotel and it saved us £450”

4- The Wedding Cars

Aoife Byrne, 24 says:

“Rather than spending a fortune on wedding cars, we asked my father-in-law if we could borrow his car! It was a gorgeous Mercedes, and although it wasn’t your traditional wedding car it suited us perfectly. We asked our friend to chauffeur us and we were relieved when we realised we saved around £400!”

5- Wedding Decor

Michaela Harkin, 29 says:

“We decided from the get-go that we would do a lot of DIY, my hubby and I a creative couple so it only made sense! We had a shabby-chic and rustic barn wedding, and made all of our own table centres from old jam jars decorated in hessian and bows, lots of tea lights and flowers we grew in our own garden! We also wrote all of our own place names and bought balloons online that we filled with helium and confetti on the day to decorate our barn”

6- Favours

Kathryn Ferris, 31 says:

“We didn’t see the point in spending a fortune on wedding favours that would probably have been thrown out! So I googled a few ideas and decided to bake our own fortune cookies with personalised messages inside for the guests! It went down really well and we could see everyone laughing and joking when opening them!”

7- The Cake

Sarah Brown, 26, Says:

“I made my own cake, I’m by no means a professional baker, but I loved making cakes so what better occasion?! We also didn’t have any desserts at our venue, and instead we asked relatives who wanted to help to bake something and bring it along on the day. In the end up we have a table full of delicious treats for everyone to enjoy and saved on money!”

8- Photobooth

Ciara McGuigan, 28 says:

“Instead of hiring a photobooth from an independent company, we decided to do a little DIY job and set up an area of our venue with a feature wall, pretty drapes and funny props for guests to take a picture with our Polaroid camera and print it out! It worked a treat- and the kids loved it as well”

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Cordova.! 💕 #bohowedding #cobalthotpinkblush #weddingphotobooth #customborder

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9-The Meal

Katie Hamilton, 34 says:

“We served a hog roast instead of your traditional three-course meal, this saved us a fortune and made the day feel a little more relaxed and laid-back, the perfect atmosphere for our dream wedding”

10- The Honeymoon

Jade Semple, 25 says:

“We were on a really tight budget in the run-up to our wedding day, so we decided to go on a romantic ‘mini moon’ to Rome, a short beak of the 5 days 4 nights was perfect to de-stress after the wedding! And it sure beat spending £3000 to go to the Seychelles for two weeks!”

Le Colisée 🇮🇹 #Rome

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