10 Wedding Dress Mistakes to Avoid

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A Guide to avoiding common Wedding Dress Mistakes

Ireland’s top bridal shops reveal the most common wedding dress mistakes brides-to-be make when they go wedding dress shopping.

Starting the search too early

Some girls find themselves lingering in front of bridal shop windows, hoarding wedding magazines and pinning to a wedding dress board even BEFORE the ring is on their finger.  If this is you, stop now!  12 months before your wedding is time enough to start dress shopping. Buy your dress too soon and you run the risk of falling in love with another gown from a later collection and then there’s the problem of where you are going to store it- it’s not easy to hide yards of organza!

Starting the search too late

On the flip side, you don’t want to start looking too late either.  You might not find ‘the one’ straight away and when you do, you may fall in love with a custom-made design that needs to be made to order which can take months. Even if you buy off the rail, it’s likely your gown will need some sort of alterations and a good seamstress can have a long waiting list!

Bringing an entourage

Any good bridal boutique will tell you, don’t bring a half your address book with your when you go shopping. Everyone will have an opinion on the dresses you try on and conflicting views will only confuse you. It’s best to just bring one or two trusted friends or family members that you know share your sense of style and who will be honest about what really does look good on you.

wedding dress mistakes 2

Trying on too many dresses

This is a hard one to resist (we know of brides that have tried on literally hundreds of dresses!), but it really is best to limit yourself to one bridal shop a day and then to five or six dresses per appointment. Try on too many dresses and they will all start to blur into one another and you’ll lose sense of what you are really looking for.  The key is to stay fresh and focused .

Trying on dresses you can’t afford

One of the biggest wedding dress mistakes to make; you spot a beautiful dress with a price tag that makes your eyes water but you think ‘what the hell’ and try it on anyway. This is a BIG mistake – what if you actually fall in love with the dress and simply cannot afford it? Suddenly every other dress you try on is second best and your dream of finding that perfect gown is ruined. Enough said.

Sticking to one style

It’s a great idea to familiarise yourself with the different styles of wedding dresses before you go shopping, but don’t decide to limit yourself to just one option. You may think you want an elegant fish tale when in reality you look best in an A-line gown. Be open minded to the suggestions of the shop staff who are experts at knowing what looks good on a certain body shape.

Ordering a dress in a size too small

Do not, we repeat, do NOT obsess over the size of the wedding dress you order – the sizes vary hugely depending on the factory and country they are made in. If you are normally a size 14 but your wedding dress is a size 16, don’t sweat, you’re still a size 14! Ordering a dress a size too small in the hope that you will diet away the extra pounds is just putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and if you don’t lose the weight (or you lose too much) you’ll pay a fortune in dress alterations.

Buy from a reputable retailer

Have you seen the pictures on the Internet recently of gorgeous wedding dresses and their rip-off fakes that are being sold online to brides who think they are getting a bargain? Always buy from a reputable bridal shop and remember if the price sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is!


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