11 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks

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Becky Sharpe

Transform how you plan and save yourself a lot of energy with these amazing money and time saving wedding hacks…


1. Set up a wedding email address

Create an address to use when contacting your wedding suppliers or wedding guests. This will prevent your wedding emails getting lost in your inbox.

2. Buy some veil weights

So your veil doesn’t blow off your head!

 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks veil weights
via Save The Veil

3. Heel protectors

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, use heel protectors so that your wedding shoes don’t sink into the grass.

 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks heel protectors
Via Svpply.com

4. Number your RSVP cards

Keep the numbers and corresponding names in an Excel spreadsheet so that if your guest doesn’t write a name on theirs (or if you can’t read their writing) you’ll still know who it is.

5. Have your bra sewn into your wedding dress

This will prevent your wedding dress from slipping down and revealing it.

bra sewn into wedding dress

6 The wire hanger trick

Rub a wire hanger over your wedding dress to prevent static.

7. Break in new shoes

Use this handy trick to break in your shoes.

 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks breaking in wedding shoes

8. Stay away from dairy a couple of days before your wedding

It makes you bloat.

9. Buy a personalised stamp

A personalised stamp will mean you don’t have to write your address out hundreds of times.

wedding address stamper

10. Wear a button down shirt when you’re getting wedding hair and make up done

This will prevent any smudges, transfers or wrecking of the hairstyle.

11.  Create a wedding hashtag

Find all of the photos taken from your friends and posted online by creating a searchable hashtag on social media.

 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks wedding hashtag
Via Etsy


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