5 Tips For Choosing Wedding Flowers

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bridal bouquets

There’s lots of things to consider when choosing wedding flowers- season, price… so we’ve put together tips a handy guide to choosing wedding flowers.

Kristen Weaver Photography
Kristen weaver Photography

You may not think it, but flowers are an integral part of any wedding. Your venue, your reception and your wedding album would look completely bare without them…

But unless you’re a gardener by trade or a qualified botanist, wedding flowers will be unexplored territory. You may have always pined after lilies, but choosing your perfect big day blooms isn’t just a case of selecting the ones you find prettiest.

1. Consider your wedding day budget

Most brides cite wedding flowers as their most unexpected expense, so do your research at the early stages of wedding planning to establish just how much you can allocate. Prioritise your wedding flowers; decide which is most important among your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, venue décor and buttonholes etc, so your florist knows where to focus attention. If you’re on a limited wedding budget, go for larger flowers with fewer stems or seasonal handpicked wildflowers for a laid-back vibe.

amy carroll photography
amy carroll photography

2. Consider your colour scheme and wedding theme

Flowers naturally add colour to your wedding so make sure your choice of petals align with your colour scheme. If you do want to experiment and clash colours, make sure they aren’t distracting. Likewise, certain themes can dictate your choice of wedding flowers – for instance, a formal blacktie wedding will necessitate expensive looking colours, like rich crimson roses or aubergine calla lilies.


3. Consider your wedding date

Find out which flowers will be in season around your wedding date. Not only are seasonal wedding flowers cheaper but they’re at their most beautiful. A spring or summer wedding will naturally offer more variety, but certain flowers like snowdrops and tulips still bloom in winter.

snowdrop and rose bouquet, Cat Happle
snowdrop and rose bouquet, Cat Happle

4. Consider your wedding venue

If you’re having a church wedding, make sure the venue doesn’t already have a preferred florist. Also, be aware of the space you have and which floral decorations would suit this, for instance, a small wedding venue will look cramped with pew ends but an outdoor one will accommodate them perfectly.

jacqui harriot photography
jacqui harriot photography

5. Consider your wedding dress

The bridal bouquet is your ultimate accessory and should therefore flatter your wedding dress. Colour can be a deciding factor – white flowers will distract from an off-white dress, whereas peaches and muted pinks will look elegant. The shape of your wedding dress may also sway your decision. Round posies look great with ballgown wedding dresses and a teardrop bouquet will complement an A-line bridal gown best.

vera wang wedding flowers
vera wang wedding flowers

Featured images courtesy of Leez Priory


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