A Day to Impress

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With couples now attending more and more weddings of friends and family, all with fresh new ideas, showstopping performances and unique decor,  it is becoming increasingly difficult to impress guests on your wedding day.

At Wedding Journal we come to the rescue with ways to ensure your day, is one to remember. Follow our tips below on how to make a real and lasting impression for your guests…


The perfect place to start this is the first glimpse guests will get into the theme and style of your wedding day. Add a personal touch with motifs, significant quotes or monograms to show off your unique love story.

The Rings

These will stay with you all your married life so you want something which you both feel comfortable and happy with. Make sure the rings are unique to you by engraving them with a special message inside the ring or the date of the wedding.

The Décor

The reception is where most of your style will come through and be shown. Choose table settings and details to show off your personalities or tie in the interests you both have. Trends are great, of course, but personal details such as naming the tables destinations you’ve travelled to together or incorporating a favorite color will leave a lasting impression on guests and make your wedding day unique. A great way to keep the decor personalized is to try your hand at DIY projects for signs and favours or to incorporate significant items from past memories as a couple.

The Food

A wedding with great food is always one guests will remember! If the food is unique to your cultures, location or relationship then that alone will create a wedding day different from others that guests will never forget.

The Flowers

Flowers can be used in interesting ways to help depict the theme of a wedding. Colours and textures used as centerpieces for tables will set the mood. A unique and unusual bouquet for the bride or bridesmaids will leave a lasting image for guests.

Show off your love story

The easiest way to make your wedding day more unique is to share special memories together through photos. It also reminds guests of certain memories you have shared and brings the relationship full circle. If photos aren’t your thing then offer a glimpse into your lives with certain music selections, toasts or personalized vows.


For more inspiration and ideas on how to make your special day unique, check out our recommended suppliers across Ireland and Northern Ireland here 

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