A-Z of Wedding Flowers

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Wedding flowers, eh? Who knew there were so many options? Before the plans got underway, roses were red and violets were blue, but now there are tudors, avalanches and short stems and you need to lie down already.

So, to make things easier, we have a blooming brilliant two-part A-Z guide to all things floral. Today you’ll learn about chairbacks and kissing balls and, if that leaves you begging for more, you can come back next week for the second round.

A is for Autumn

Gladioli, chrysanthemums and the slender-stemmed nerines are the jewels of Autumn with their rich colour schemes. Massed together they make stunning round posies or great living topiary trees. Autumn is also the best opportunity to avail of seasonal fruit.

B is for Bouquets

Choosing your bouquet is challenging, so work with a florist to create something comfortable to carry and complementary to your style. Bouquets come in every shape and form – from a hand-tied posy to a wired heart, but it’s the tear-shaped cascade bouquet or shower that is the most popular.

C is for Chairbacks

A simple swag of flowers from a pew can be an effective method of venue dressing. Rental or hotel chairs are generally the same everywhere, so using flowers will personalise them – even if you only decorate the top table.


D is for Dog collar

It is becoming increasingly common to include a dog or family pet in the wedding, so you need to ensure they’re dressed for the part – we recommend a tailor made floral dog collar – how cute!

E is for Everlasting

Rather than tossing your bridal bouquet into a crowd of hungry singles, you may like to treasure it as a keepsake. Long-term preservation is best left to the professionals and there are companies that specialise in this.

F is for Favours

DIY pot plant favours are simple and cost effective – try a miniature galvanized bucket with garden herbs or a small plant. Terracotta pots are inexpensive and can be easily glammed up with a ribbon or colourful tissue paper.

sugared almonds and flower favour
Sugared almonds and flower favour

G is for Garden Flowers

The ‘just-picked’ look for wedding flowers is a top trend, inspired by all things vintage. Garden flowers are best used in late spring and early summer when peonies, lavender and lily-of-the-valley bloom in abundance.

H is for Headdress

Floral garlands are so versatile. You can wear a single large flower in your hair, a number of small-wired florets, a full Alice band, a floral circlet or a comb of flowers. If you prefer a jewelled tiara, you could have a floral headpiece for your bridesmaids or flower girls.

I is for Iris

With deep purple or blue petals opening to expose a striking yellow throat, the colourful Iris has been admired throughout history and will be a focal point in any wedding bouquet, table centrepiece or arrangement.

A bridal bouquet and boutonniere of irises

J is for Jasmine

Jasmine is a natural beauty, with an irresistible fragrance, standing for modesty and grace. White Jasmine suits paler shades and traditional roses but can also be combined with tropical flowers like birds of paradise or camellias.

K is for Kissing Ball

Pomanders, or kissing balls, can be used as a wedding table centrepiece, suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon, carried as a bouquet or used as a chairback. The possibilities are endless and can be constructed with almost any flower

L is for Lighting

Lighting is crucial for creating ambience. Candlelight is flattering and its subtle tones are relaxing. Floral candelabras work perfectly as tall, imposing centrepieces in a grand setting. For something more informal, try floating candles in a bowl alongside one or two flower heads.

M is for the Main event

The wedding reception is an unforgettable party to use an imaginative floral arrangement to create a lasting memory A creative florist can provide more than just flowers – explore living trees, chair and seat covers, centrepiece props and lighting.


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