Advice on Pre Wedding Botox

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All brides want to look their most beautiful on the big day so if that includes treatments then we’ve got the low-down from an industry expert of pre wedding botox

With Botox now considered a mainstream treatment, brides-to-be are increasingly being treated to look their most beautiful for the biggest day of their lives but obviously Botox isn’t quite as straightforward as having a spray tan or an eyebrow wax, so we asked Dr. Paul Munsanje of Amara Aesthetics and Beyond MediSpa Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge to provide his advice on how to get it right, and avoid any pitfalls in treatment.

“A lot of clients come to me for their first ever treatment before a big event such as a wedding.  You wouldn’t believe how many ladies appear with just two weeks or (even worse) a few days to go before their wedding. I’ve sadly had to turn these brave brides-to-be away, as ideally I need at least one month to work some pre-wedding magic.

“Botox-virgin’ brides-to-be make some doctors tremble in their boots. It’s not ok for treatment to be even a little too strong, a little too weak or even slightly off.  Treatment has to be perfect as they only get one shot at the big day! On top of this, a bride-to-be is even more nervous than some of my TV presenter clients.  TV personalities know that everyone assumes they are having Botox and they don’t care too much what viewers think. Some brides-to-be, however, would wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of being outed as having had ‘work done’.

“For this reason I have a much more careful approach to a pre-wedding Botox treatment.

1. Arrive 6 months early!

Treatment takes 2 minutes to do, but takes 2 weeks to work and lasts 4 months. If you want pre-wedding Botox, ideally see your cosmetic dermatologist 6 months before the wedding so they can complete a whole treatment cycle before the cycle that will be active on your wedding day.   If you can’t get a full treatment cycle in before the wedding, come 6 weeks before the wedding. That leaves 2 weeks for the final treatment to work, 2 weeks for you to get back for a follow up visit (brides can be busy!) and 2 weeks for any tweaks that are necessary at review to kick in.

2. Go Easy!

Please don’t ask your cosmetic dermatologist to freeze your face.  The best treatments (hands down) are the ones where people ask themselves ‘OMG! What cream is she using?’ rather than ‘OMG! Who does her Botox?’.  Although it may look good in a photo, if you cant lift an eyebrow even 1mm during the best man’s speech, you’ve been over-treated.

3. Come Back!  

If I don’t see my patients after their treatments, then I can’t review my work. Although Botox is a scientific miracle, it is not a one size fits all treatment.  Some people require 4 times as much as others to get a good result. The only way to tell whether you are sensitive or resistant is by good guesswork and trial and error. This takes time and it is essential that you are reviewed 2 weeks after each treatment as part of this process. 9 times out of 10 at review, my clients are delighted with the results and feeling like the review is a wasted visit.  However, quite often I will spot something that they didn’t, and I will make an adjustment there and then and adjust my notes for the next time in 4 months. Once I work out what works for someone, we usually stay with the same treatment for years.  The most frequent question I am asked is: ‘If I start now, what happens if I stop?’ Thanks to the preventative effects of treatment and my conservative approach, if you stop, you will look the same or better than you would have looked without ever having treatment.”

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