Alternative Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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The bridal bouquet has turned a new leaf. From brooches to brussel sprouts, there are loads of inventive alternative bouquet options for the bride who doesn’t fancy a nice big bunch of blooms…

Non-floral bridal bouquets are a fantastic substitute for pretty petals. And you don’t have to be an alternative bride to appreciate them; forgoing flowers for a nice brooch bouquet keepsake can be elegant and practical when, let’s face it, expensive roses will be limp by morning.

Brooch bouquets

Lisa O’Dwyer photographer
Lisa O’Dwyer photographer

If you’re a slave to sparkle, look out for heirloom or brooch bouquets. These vintage looking keepsakes are ornately designed with antique brooches, satin flowers, lace, jewels and what ever you desire, to complement the style of your wedding.

Felt bouquet

Steven Hanna photographer
Steven Hanna photographer

If you dabble in arts and crafts, get creative with a felt bridal bouquet. They’re soft and put a playful spin on a traditional wedding.

Vegetable bouquet

Virginia Bridal
Virginia Bridal

For eco-warrior wives-to-be, add to the greenery with a vegetable bouquet. Explore a rainbow’s worth of ripe legumes to fit with your chosen bridesmaid colour scheme.

Button bouquets


Button bouquets are a colourful option for the quirkier bride who wants to sprinkle fun over her big day.

Paper bouquet

whether Paperworks
whether Paperworks

Paper bouquets are no doubt and unconventional choice, but they’re practical too – you can catch up with the news while you’re waiting for your meal at the reception.

Pearl bouquet

Bouquets by Ky
Bouquets by Ky

Pearls are an excellent choice for brides who want an elegant, vintage style touch without using traditional flowers.

Fabric bouquet

Cultivar on
Cultivar on

Fabric bouquets are effortlessly feminine, soft and good for your conscious too, because they’re hand crafted from 100% recycled materials.

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  1. Amanda Woods

    WOW fabulous i love all those bouquets, wish i had seen these when i got married, love them all.

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