7 Types of people you will find on every hen do

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hen do

Which of these seven hen do stereotypes do you and your friends most resemble?

Hen dos are amazing; all of your favourite girls will be there to celebrate your final days as an unmarried woman. Funnily enough, they often tend to share similarities too – there’s certainly a fair few common themes beyond the sashes and matching t shirts. In fact, even your guests are likely to fall into certain hen do stereotypes.

See which members in your party will, or already have, fallen into the below categories…

The super organiser

The super organiser will have your best interests at heart; ensuring that you have a great time. If you want to do a life drawing class for a laugh, she’ll make it happen and she WILL make everyone come. They will have everything planned down to a tee, from the cocktails to the dress code. As the definition of organised fun, they will be the centre point for figuring out what the plan of action will be – and will make sure the agenda is packed to the brim for the entire day, night or weekend. They are a great asset to any hen do, but beware – taken a step too far, this kind of ambitious planning can grind on some guests’ gears.

The sporty go-getter

This guest will be first in line with suggestions for surfing, coasteering, It’s A Knock-Out… and plans for the minibus beverages afterwards. She will probably exhaust you, but she will be up for every and any activity that has been organised. She is also amazing at rallying the troops and convincing those who aren’t sure they want to go jet skiing or clay pigeon shooting, that it will be so much fun. She is best suited for hen dos that revolve around sport or adventure and will be the positive energy needed to keep everyone going strong.

The flirt

The flirt will often be found scouting the dancefloor for hot totty, getting whisked away to the bar to be lavished with drinks by adoring males or will simply disappear throughout the evening. She will provide lots of gossip and scandalous information over the duration of the hen do, leading to barrels of laughter. Word of warning though: this character can get bored really quickly and you might find it difficult to keep their attention on the group. Just factor this in and don’t act surprised if her focus wanders elsewhere.

The crier

No big night out is complete without a few tears. The crier will no doubt be a bundle of laughs and good fun normally but, after your party have had a few celebratory drinks, the tears can start falling. This emotional lady is probably sweet and sensitive in nature, so be patient with her. Just get her sobered up pronto with some fresh air and water, to keep things upbeat. Hopefully they will be emotional happy tears anyway.

The sister in law

You had to invite her, but you barely know her and now she’s going to be spending a night or weekend with your closest friends, with all of you no doubt having a few tipples too. It could be awkward. You might feel as if you can’t truly let your hair down as you have to be on your best behaviour for your husband-to-be’s family. But this is nonsense, don’t let your sister in law’s presence stop you from having the time of your life. In fact, she’ll probably appreciate seeing another side to you and having a laugh together and you could well come out closer for it.

The party animal

The party animal is the perfect hen do guest if you are after a lively weekend, full of rowdy fun and frolics. She will never let you brave the dancefloor alone and has no shame in busting out her craziest moves, plus she’s often the sociable glue that holds everyone together. Providing things don’t get too wild, she’s a great ally to have on a hen do to make sure everyone has a time to remember.

The uptight one

She means well, she really does, but she just can’t let herself have fun. From worrying about transport, the tipsier members of the party, the crier, the flirt’s wandering eye – she will keep herself more than occupied with fussing over everything and everybody. On the plus side, she can be quite handy to have around, especially if you’re in need of a plaster for your blistering dancing feet or some paracetamol for a sore head the next day. She will be prepared for any situation.

The social media butterfly

Be prepared to take a lot of selfies when there is a social media butterfly around. She will take pictures of everything, documenting this special occasion. She’s also likely to have a large following, so you know that these shots will be seen by hundreds. Make sure you tell her very clearly in advance if there’s anything you’d rather keep to yourselves and consider asking for a grace period to review the snaps before they get broadcast on social media. Still, you can rely on her to make sure you have some great pics to look back on, when you’re well into married life and your hen do is a distant memory.

Author: Sophie Jordan, hen specialist at, www.chillisauce.co.uk
Chillisauce is one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing event agencies, delivering a wide range of innovative, forward thinking and often exclusive experiences for hen celebrations all across Europe.

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