15 hen party accessories you really NEED!

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Hen party accessories 15

15 fab alternatives to the printed t-shirt – hen party accessories you need in your life!

Traditionally planning a hen party involves getting printed t-shirts for all your leading ladies.

However at an average cost of €10-€15 per customised t-shirt, you may want a more budget-friendly hen party accessory. Here are 15 fab alternatives…


More discreet than a sash or t-shirt, the hen party badge is a cute alternative to the t-shirt or sash. A huge variety of customised badges are available to order online and customers usually get a discount if buying in bulk.

Hen party accessories
Team Hen, www.notonthehighstreet.com,£1.25 each
Hen party accessories 6
StickEmUpLabels, www.etsy.com, £4.35
Hen party accessories 2
www.ebay.co.uk, 20 for £5, 1 Inch
Hen party accessories 3
www.ebay.co.uk, 20 for £9.99, 1 inch
Hen party accessories 4
By Joanne Hawkery www.notonthehighstreet.com, £2.95 each
Hen party accessories 5
bethofalltrades, www.etsy.com, £12.02 for 10 or £3.54 each
Hen party accessories 7
www.notonthehighstreet.com, OH Squirrel, 10 for £7.50


Considered tacky by some, and a must-have by others, a bridal sash signals a hen party is coming your way!

Hen party accessories 8
ebay.co.uk, £1.89 each

Temporary transfers

Temporary tattoos are a fun, inexpensive hen party accessory with transfers going from as little as £6.95 for 10 on Ebay. Unlike the real thing, these tattoos can be easily removed with baby oil the morning after the night before.

Hen party accessories 9
www.ebay.co.uk, 20 for £12.99 or £1.99 each
Hen party accessories 10
www.ebay.co.uk, £6.95 for 10
Hen party accessories 11
tattoo, www.ebay.co.uk, 10 for £6.95
Hen party accessories 12
Fuzzy and Birch, notonthehighstreet.com, £2.75 each
Hen party accessories 13
personalised tattoo, www.ebay.co.uk, £12.50 for 21 or £1.99 each

Penis hairband

After all it wouldn’t be hen party without some penis-shaped props!

Hen party accessories 14
lastnightoffreedom.co.uk, 2.99

Party pack

Pre-made hen party gift bags will save you time and effort, the bag pictures costs £2,99 and contains all of your accessory needs from novelty straws to silly stickers.

 hen party accessories 14
Premade gift bag, www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk, £2.99

Featured image: www.notonthehighstreet.com/fuzzyandbirch

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