How to be a contemporary Mother of the Bride

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We know not all of you ladies want to be the traditional beige suit wearing Mother of the Bride, so we’ve created the ultimate MOB fashion guide to spark the wedding style ideas.

Ditch the two piece suit

Opt for a figure flattering dress instead of a suit and you’ll immediately transform from frumpy mum to cosmopolitan Mother of the Bride. To stay fashion forward AND age appropriate, favour bright colours and consider your shape carefully; select a style that enhances your best assets

John Charles 2013
John Charles 2013

Hats off

A hat may not suit your face or your personal style. Maybe you’re more of a funky fascinator type. So, be brave and sport a super cool contemporary headpiece or even dramatic hairpiece instead of the expected wide-brimmed hat, it will transform your Mother of the Bride look.

Fascinator, £32, Accessorize
Fascinator, £32, Accessorize

Make it up

If possible, avail of the bride’s make up artist – remember those wedding photos last forever! Tell the MUA that you’d like a youthful dewy look in a fresh colour palette. You’ll feel like a million dollars.

Dare to bare

Sheer tights can look dated and age you. Get yourself a subtle spray tan or some great stocking cream. If you absolutely must wear stockings, steer clear of open-toed shoes.

Linea Raffaelli
Linea Raffaelli

Shoe statement

Nothing says frumpy like ‘old lady shoes’. If you dare, choose something with height to elongate your limbs. And vertiginous doesn’t have to mean discomfort – if they have a wedge or hidden platform you can stay on your feet all night.

Shoes, £90, Dune
Shoes, £90, Dune

**Image: Mob5 – Shoes, £90, Dune

Shape up

The majority of great outfits are supported by hidden ‘best friends’ in the form of shapewear. Underwear that helps to smooth out the lumps and bumps we all have, can really make a difference to how your dress sits and flows.

Bags of style

A clutch bag is often a more contemporary feel than a handbag. And, going for a style with no straps keeps the lines of your outfit sharp and fuss-free.

Clutch, £6, Primark
Clutch, £6, Primark

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